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Not a straight damage boost per shot, but a stacking debuff that rewards aim and control. Works with any automatic weapon, present or future, vanilla or mod-added, no compatibility patches needed. I am a sorcerer.

Permissions and credits
immersive lore-friendly balanced official realistic shines your shoes and takes you out dancing overhaul release
This mod makes no vanilla edits and does not alter the Commando perk (compatible with anything that does).

Wanted to try automatic weapons, but don't enjoy dying? or using 37 rounds per kill
Minigun feels sadly lackingCommando and Heavy Weapons remain grey and lonely on your Perks screen?
Not satisfied with simply raising the damage number?

well then
Landing your shots will reward you. Firing wildly will waste ammo.
Lightly armored targets will dissolve. Harder targets can be brought down with sustained fire.

Perforation applies a stacking effect based on the melee Furious legendary, with some changes:

  • Due to how low automatics' damage values are, it's a higher buff per hit
  • To keep that under control, it resets the counter after a bunch of hits
  • It also adds a stacking Damage Resistance debuff on the target (Perforation, gettit gettit)
  • Buff / debuff drops quickly when there are no hits.

Oh yeah - and it also applies to the Gatling Laser and the Minigun. You're welcome.

This means:

  • It takes less ammo to bring something down than a Vanilla automatic.
  • More balanced competition with semi-automatics; viable in Survival
  • Increased crowd control. Effective sustained fire.
  • Instead of me boosting per-shot damage, you control it. stay on target

With Perforation, a few stray rounds are ineffective. Wild fire is ineffective. Short controlled bursts are on even ground with a semi-auto. And overwhelming extreme lead rain, especially from a skilled user, is apocalyptic. as it should be


Don't change an equipped Legendary to or from Auto <-> Semi-Auto at a workbench; unequip it first. It may cause a freeze.

This only affects Legendaries, and only when they're equipped as you activate the workbench.

Every Legendary effect that Bethesda created, either in the base game or the DLC, should be protected. I have to explicitly list every known Legendary effect. THIS MEANS: if you mod in *new kinds* of Legendary effects, *they will be removed.* Your best option is to patch or edit my mod with that other mod's effect (I can tell you how if you need).

There are several known issues and incompatibilities that may not be solvable, but they're very specific and won't affect most people. Check the bug reports section. 

Unique Uniques and More Uniques are safe. They do not use the Legendary slot, but add new normal mods (barrels, stock, etc).


Quickslot favorite is preserved. If you have 323 weapons of the same base object in inventory, it still works. Item is equipped again. All actions are SILENT. No "removed" or "added" or 47 equip sounds. Legendary weapons stay legendary. The only side effect is: the first time after install you equip a Legendary automatic, there's a 1-3 second pause while it's scanned and modified. This happens only once, per weapon, per game. Normal equip speed after that.

MOD AUTHORS: The source code can be found here.


No need. It just works!
The magic invisible weapon mod that makes this all happen is added in the game, when you equip any given automatic weapon for the first time. As long as it remains an automatic (even when you change which automatic receiver you're using), it keeps the mod.
If you make it a semi-auto the mod falls off (nice try ;P ).
I'm watching you

Dark Rituals were performed at midnight to bring you this power.

reddit.com/user/tim-timman let me know details about the mod system, specifically an efficient way to add a custom mod, without which I would not have been looking down the path that led to the solution.

Massive credit also goes to Wenderer for his FOMOD Creation Tool.
This thing is awesome and saves a TON of time getting stuff packed up.


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Bugfix for Dismissed Companion Endless Babble
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Perforation: Better Automatic Weapons
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Did I mention it also affects the Minigun and Gatling Laser

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FusionGun-VIS: a compatability patch
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