Fallout 4

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The Chinese Stealth Suit reappears in the Commonwealth. Released 0.13! Adds two new armor option, as well as a helmet option.

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The Road To Liberty team is proud to bring you the Chinese Stealth Armor from the trenches of Anchorage and the blood-soaked shadows of the battlefields of the United States and China. The Chinese Stealth Suit comes with all the functionality that made it such a fan favourite in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, plus a few extras that make it an even more formidable presence. Recovered, worn by centuries of time from a Chinese Nuclear Submarine, a determined, and patriotic Sole Survivor, with a streak of honor and penchant for curbing the forces of imperialism and capitalism can turn it one of the most powerful armors in the game.

Turn your hostile environment to your side by using the Gravitational Force Expulsion modification to turn the energy from a large fall against your enemies, or use the Electromagnetic Repulsor Field to turn the force from your enemies blows into deadly arcs of electricity. Progressive modifications to the suit can increase it's distance in which one can leap, and the speed which one can run - and a specially, gifted patriot, can utilize the Static Electricity of their speed against their enemies with the Myson Electricity Capacitors.

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The Road To Liberty team is proud to release this mod to you all. We wanted to release this much later, but since so many of you were excited and asking for this mod, we wanted to give you a try. Keep in mind though, because of the mod's early release, it is an Alpha. The mod doesn't conflict with vanilla records and there is no mods that aren't associated with a loose mod - or left somewhat untreated. That said, they will likely be a few balance issues initially, not to mention the odd spelling mistake here and there. There will likely be a patch later tonight, as I comb through the initial release version. The mod will also likely remain an Alpha, until we attach our quest.


DogtoothCG - Models and materials. The single-man Great Leap Forward. One model at at time.
Unoctium - The man who offended the view-count-challenged Lord of the Stars.
Discord - Some place.
HI-IM-PIEZ, Vicyorus, C1ph3r, Hopper and Elianora for images and testing.