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SImply put, I went into xEdit, and attached the legendary attachment point to mod added armor that was lacking such. Intended for use with ECO, but it does not require it, and should work with anything that lets you use Legendary mod slots! Also brings renaming to the mod armors! Currently discontinued

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I am not currently working on this, hell I should have put this up a hell of a lot earlier. I linked methods on how to do this for mods that need it, so there is that. But for the most part, yeah I am not doing more. can always change though, but just don't hold your breath.

I took xEdit, put on the needed slot to allow for Legendary mods to be attached. This doesn't mean they will show up in the legendary pool, however.

I did not edit the slots, meaning if a mod didn't allow armor layering before it still won't, you can take what little work I've done in xEdit and do that for yourself if you want to layer armor, just upload the changes after if you can, help others out and all that good stuff. 

This was done as a personal thing that I figured I'd share. It was made for ECO, but ECO is not a master file, so it isn't required and not having it will not hurt. However, the level of customization ECO allows makes it worth using, no need to add a ballistic weave slot in xEdit when by using ECO, you can add that slot dynamically in game, as well as other mods, such as a second(though it'll be the only one for these) misc slot, and the ECO armor enhancements!

All files will be an ESP that is marked as an ESL, bringing you the ability to order the mods in your load order, but not take up a spot.

I will be uploading them piece by piece, and then an All in One if you happen to use all the mods I do that get this treatment.

The meat and potatoes you are here for, the mods that you can now have Legendary Slots on!

Or you can get the All in one ESP if you use them all! There is also an All in one pack of the loose ESPs for those who don't mind manually disabling the ones they don't use.

No assets from the other mods are included outside the bare minimum records required for my edits. You 1000% need the original mods for their assets, and well everything else to make them tick.

Be sure to rerun your Rudy's simple sorting patch if you use it, so it can forward these changes. Other sorters may be out of luck, I can't say.

I will not take requests for two reasons, it's a personal project first and foremost, and two, it is actually pretty easy to do yourself, this article from the ECO mod page gives you the whole process: Adding Legendary Attachment Points to armors
Just be sure to forward the records from the mod you are editing to a new ESP if you plan to release your work, and flag that new esp as ESL, which is a template option for when you forward the records.