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Adds a highly modular Sniper Rifle based on the XM2010 by Remington, used by the US Military as a replacement for the aging M24.

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  • German

Animated by 
Blackxteel / Ha_ru, so just download it.

Xbox Version is out!

Adds a highly modular Sniper Rifle based on the XM2010 by Remington, used by the US Military as a replacement for the aging M24.

Comes with a plethora of attachments and camos - including a unique camo that you will have to find yourself called "The Bad Animator".

Hint: A monument of Boston.

Also includes a complete animation overall by Blackxteel / Ha_ru - including RIGHT HANDED bolt animations, reload, and my favourite... lowered weapons.

Custom sounds by Partisan Executioner, including firing, reload and bolt cycling.

Xbone Players: I recognize you may want to download this, and you certainly will. For now, however, I will be holding back on Xbone release until I've patched it / added final functionality that the community may want en mass. Saves me having to update two places!

The weapon comes with:

10 Camos

5 Muzzles

6 Barrels

6 Sights (including x2 glow)

6 Receivers

1 Stock

You can change the camo of the muzzles, scopes and stock separately. Ie, you can have the silencer "Forest", stock "Desert" and scope "Digital".

You can also change the zoom level of ALL the sights to your liking.

Finally, you can change the range, accuracy, recoil and damage of the weapon to allow you to tweak the weapon to your liking statwise. I was never a fan of attachments affecting stats, because that can mean sacrificing something that looks cool in the name of stats.

Will update as patches go on.

Current Version: 1.2

- Removed dirty edits

Version History:

1.2 Notes:

- Added a Bipod

- Added 3 new Barrels

- Added 4 Camos (one for each faction)

- Updated Stock mesh

- Xbox Release

1.1.2 Notes:

- Fixed ridiculous scope sway
- Fixed orientation of PMII reticle.

1.1.1 Notes:

Fixed scope clipping issue with meshes.

1.1 Notes:

 - Adds 3 camos! Digital Forest, Red and Blue!

 - Added Vanilla 2d Scope reticles as an option when selecting a scope.

 - Added perk requirements.

1.0 Notes:

 - Release

You can get the base weapon on a crate outside Vault 111, it's by the small building with a ramp leading up to it - where you open and close the vault!

If you would like to cheat, type in the console:

help xm 4

If your on survival mode, you can download Survival Mode Console Enabler by akihirokytori to enable the console!


Simply use NMM -> "Download with Manager".

For manual installation, drop all files inside "Wastelander's XM2076" in the DATA folder of your Fallout 4 dierctory.

Uninstall: Use NMM to uninstall (only if you installed via NMM), other delete all "XM2076" associated files.


Giggity12345 / Strife - Modelling, Texturing, CK Work.

Blackxteel / Ha_ru - Animations, and the sick video showing off the weapon.

Partisan Executioner - Sounds

Honourable Mentions

My boy asXas, for letting me ask him unending questions on how to do this and that. My knight in shining Armour.

dazzerfong, for his strong yet desperately needed criticism on my work and how I could improve myself.

Uncle B0z as source material for animations references!

Armor in the screenshots is The Mercenary - Pack by L0rd0fWar