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Thirdstorm I Original file by MadMAX713 and bugfixes by joemitchell320

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Offered to help MadMAX713 with a couple bugs, he gave the go ahead but not heard from him in a month.
This is a series of Patches to resolve conflicts, add to Leveled lists and fix some spawn issues.

Replaces the Raider Overhaul AE Patch.

Permissions and credits
Raider Overhaul WIP  & Super Mutant Redux by MadMAX713
These mods are core to Fallout 4, I can't stress enough how much they add to the game, this is a series of patches to resolve a few issues and expand it further.  

MadMad Cut Content he created as this mod evolved, some of us LOVED that content (Mainly Outfits)... I've restored Content from RO v5, v9.2 in the Restored Content version of the downloads

*****12/10/2016 Update for RO 12****

Please note the Raider Power Armor Changes may conflict with other mods that effect Raider Power Armor.
Let me know and I'll try to Patch.

Please Note, visit kktheBeast's page for the VIS patches for this mod, download the main file and replace the esp with his "Restored Content" file.
Raider Overhaul - Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) - Compatibility Patch by KKthebeast and Valdacil

like anything that effects NPC's and their leveled lists, until you move into an area that has not pre-loaded the new content and changes won't show up.
Or sleep/wait for 3'ish days inside a "zone"
If you must see the new content open the console, select the NPC/Raider and type "Recycleactor" followed by "resurrect"
Keep in mind sometimes the Game Engine will decide to CTD when you do that.

Added NukaWorld Support - 09/01/2016:

Raider Overhaul WIP 10.3 Restored Content
MadMad Cut Content he created as this mod evolved, some of us LOVED that content (Mainly Outfits)... I've restored Content from RO v5, v9.2 

Iconoclast Armor
Prinson Jumpsuit
Tanky helmet
Tanky Top
Original Awesome "Stop-sign" raider armor
More when requested

Added some of this content to the Raider Leveled lists as well!

Raider Overhaul Changes by MadMAX713:
The Following things are now part of Raider Overhaul WIP 11.x+...
Multiple leveled lists, adding a number of items and correcting some issues.
Multiple NPC's, it should correct the nameless NPC's
A number a new lvled lists to avoid conflicts
Huge number of New Lvled lists for the Power Armor combos
Modified Heavily:
Raider Power Armor, adding the keywords, combinations and edits needed to have
raiders in Power Armor Wearing the Suits with the new Paint jobs.
Dreadnaught Tables.. Created a number of new tables and I added 7 items to the headwear table.
Leveled lists for Raider Facewear, Headwear and Underwear.. Adding a number of
items restored to Raider Overhaul to the Leveled lists.
-Rolled into RO
-Updated the Leveled list so Dreadnaughts spawn with piecemeal armor, including Dreadnaught. No more naked or mostly unarmored Dreadnaughts
-Fixes Tess's and Slag's Armor lists so they will appear in Pink and Flames
-Added headwear and eyewear to the Dreadnaughts leveled list.
-Gotten the nameless, unlootable raider issue worked out.
-Fixed the issue of Tessa not spawning with her armor (and Slag)... could just be me.
-Added the correct naming rules to the Power Armor parts to allow spawning of pieces with paints
-Created a full lvled list for the new Power Armor paints, and finally got the
spawns adjusted. (Need feedback if people want full sets, partial or
-Fixed a couple other small issues.

The Above things are now part of Raider Overhaul WIP 11.x+...

Super Mutant Redux by MadMAX713 
Super Mutant Redux 1.1
Adds in the new Armorsmith keyword rules, if I have time I'm going to try and make the Supermuant Armor upgradeable at the workbench.
Fully upgradeable with a custom INR and full loot tables built!
Completely optional depending on load order until I can add the crafting rules.

ADDS Upgrades for all lootable supermutant Armor.. Finally some upgrades for Strong!
Additionally a fully built out leveled list, allowing for the upgrades to spawn organically ingame.

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Raider Overhaul I Super Mutant Redux Patches by MadMAX713 and Thirdstorm