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Adds edited dog armor, goggles, and bandanas that fits Shadowliger's Classic Dogmeat

Permissions and credits
Classic Dogmeat (Without this mod there's no point in using mine)
AWKCR (Must have or CTD)
K9 Harness (Only if using my mesh edit)
Bandanas fit K9 Harness (Only if using my mesh edit)

Shadowlinger made an amazing Fallout 3 Dogmeat mod, FO3's Dogmeat however has a very different body shape than the FO4 model so the armors, goggles, and bandanas don't fit properly.

I was originally going to make replacers for the meshes, but after doing some snooping in FO4edit, it seems Dogmeat and raider dogs share the same meshes when it comes to at least some of the armors, so instead, I created standalones.

Each piece is made in the Armorsmith Workbench under Armor-Dog for 1 Cloth.
Only 1 bandana recipe since with AWKCR you can change the color/pattern in the Armor Workbench

1: The Medium and Heavy armors have a bit of wonkiness where the leather straps connect to the metal ring on Dogmeat's chest. Using Outfit Studio (the only mesh program I even sort of understand) I couldn't get the ring completely round in the medium one and it's more of a line than a ring in the heavy one. Given the rough nature of the armors they don't look TOO bad or out of place, but it's still not like the vanilla versions. (See pics to see the wonky)
2: The Rope Collar and Chain Collar are not included due to their weird placement when loading them in Outfit Studio (I'm sure this is a Bethesda thing I just don't understand more than an issue with OS) All other armors, collars, muzzle are included. I only added 1 bandana recipe since with AWKCR you can change the color/pattern in the Armor Workbench.

I also tweaked the meshes for K9 Harness by fadingsignal as well as the mesh for Bandanas fit K9 Harness by UnknownZombie. These are just mesh edits so you will still need to download their mods and have my edits overwrite them. These are replacers since both mods already have crafting recipes and don't spawn on raider dogs.

If someone wants to mess with the meshes, make a No AWKCR version, tweak the recipe, etc etc, feel free to, just make sure you credit and stay within the permissions of the mod author(s) I have listed in the requirement section.

I swear taking his picture is the hardest thing, he never holds still lol.