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Fits the vanilla bandanas that Dogmeat can wear over the K-9 Harness by Fadingsignal so there is no more clipping.

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Now doggo can be fashionable and protected!
Also available on Bethesda.net for PC and XB1

This is a mod that simply edits the mesh of the bandanas that Dogmeat can wear around his neck so that they fit over the K-9 Harness by Fadingsignal. It covers all of the vanilla bandana styles that Dogmeat can wear.

The K-9 Harness mod is not explicitly required, but there's no point in this mod if you don't have it.

You can craft these using the appropriate vanilla bandanas at the chemistry bench. Each vanilla bandana creates a modified version of itself that fits over the harness. The recipes are found under "UTILITY" in the chemistry bench.

Since the chemistry bench is used to craft everything under the sun, I want to keep the clutter away -- so the recipes only show up if you have a vanilla bandana in your inventory that can be converted. The new bandanas are called "Dogmeat's Bandana" and can no longer be worn by your character.

In the crafting menu all of the bandana styles look like a red bandana, but don't worry because the proper style will be created.

Tools used:
  • Outfit Studio
  • FO4Edit
  • Archive2