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This mod adds 8 new, atmospheric interiors to the Commonwealth for you to explore. Gather your caps and pipe gun and go shopping in Malden, or enjoy the laidback atmosphere of Coltrane's Bar!

Permissions and credits
Go shopping in Malden!
Enjoy the laidback atmosphere of Coltrane's Bar!
Check in to see if Grandma Flora in Cambridge has got everything under control!

Stumble Upon Interiors is a collection of 8 new, immersive interiors added to the Commonwealth. There's no quests tied to these places, and none will have mapmarkers; they are all made to be stumbled upon while traversing the Commonwealth. I've tried to make them all atmospheric and interesting to explore in their own ways, and I've also aimed to get the interiors relatively close to vanilla Fallout 4 in terms of loot, lighting and encounters.

The slightly run-down Fenway Park Pool Club has now (re-)opened, one base hit southeast of Diamond City. Low prices, varying service!

As of version 2.0 this mod adds 8 new interiors to the Commonwealth:

Apartment Building, Esplanade
Attorney's Office, Natick Banks
Bunker Hill Bar, Charlestown
Coltrane's Bar, The Fens
Fenway Park Pool Club, The Fens
Delicatessen Store, Malden
Bookstore, Malden
Grandma Flora's House, Cambridge

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Compatible with:

Beantown Interiors Project
Plenty 'o' Exploration
Expanding Boston
Crowded Commonwealth

I've tested this mod with both Beantown Interiors Project and Plenty O'Exploration, and from what I've heard the other two are comtible too. If any incompabilities show up please let me know, and I'll update this page so the info will be easy to find.


If you use Marlborough Mansion by Elianora it might be best to put Stumble Upon Interiors over that mod in the load order, otherwise you might end up with a rubbled up power armor station outside Marlborough Mansion.

If you use Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments by Purple Radiation place Hangman*s Alley Interior Apartments lower than Stumble Upon Interiors in your load order.

I hope to avoid incompabilities, and will keep an eye on what's going on with the other mods. At the same time though, as a handful or more mods develop with more and more interiors, sooner or later some incompabilites are likely to occur. 

Unlike other interior mods this mod only adds interiors proper, with minimal additions to the exteriors.

This mod requires no DLC.
All interiors are navmeshed (so watch out for those radroaches...), most of the larger ones are optimalized with roombounds too.
See the Readme for exterior world edits.