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Fixes all of the vanilla bed items so that they are actually beds for workshop purposes, and can be built.

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~Build all the Beds!~

This mod is fairly simple - it unifies all of the vanilla "bed" type items so that they actually count and behave as beds if they're placed in a settlement.  While standardizing the bed values, I also cleaned up the bed naming - metal beds are called "Metal Bed", the big double bed is now "Wooden Double Bed", and so on.  On that mention, all of the beds that have spots for 2 people now count as two beds, and the beds that are usable by children are now labeled as such (Child's Metal Bed, and so on) - all you people that have either got children in your settlements or play child characters, you now have a bed that won't make your kids into grownups while they're in bed.

I've made recipes for all of the vanilla beds that weren't buildable by default, which for now does also include the Institute beds - I'll throw a requirements check on the recipes later so that they only show up if you've unlocked the Institute furniture, like in Homemaker.  I also converted the two Super Mutant beds over to actual beds - I don't believe that Strong will actually use them, but you can at least build him one if you want to.

While I was messing with the beds, I had a friend add bed-to-bed snapping to several of them - Hospital Beds, Military Cots, Mattresses, and Bunk Beds can now be lined up in nice orderly rows in your bunkhouses :-)

####  Update!
Added a "Lite" version by request - it's got all the same bed updates, but has fewer beds in the build list.  I've removed all of the "Child" beds, the Institute beds, and the two new Super Mutant beds.  The beds that were removed from the build lists are NOT removed from the mod, they're just not buildable, so they should all still scrap and count towards settlements properly.  To use it, install both downloads, and then deactivate the main "Build_all_Beds" esp in your mod manager.

####  Known Issues
The "car frame" super mutant bed clips through the floor  FIXED! 
The Military and Hospital mattresses float above the ground  FIXED!

Mod made with FO4Edit.