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RobCo Whirligig smart-drone ... "Wireless High-Reliability Independent Government-Issue Gunship"

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Version 1.34


A vertibird smart-drone can be found in the Root Cellar of an abandoned home in Sanctuary: RobCo Whirligig ... a "Wireless High-Reliability Independent Government-Issue Gunship". When activated it behaves semi-autonomously and is reminiscent of an old fashioned gas-powered remote controlled (RC) helicopter model.

Key Notes:

 • This is a "Teammate" mod. It differs in various ways from standard companions.

 • Whirly is Essential and a "Player TeamMate" (shares XP as long as you get in at least one hit on the same target).

 • Whirly can be used with other companions. Whirly does not fill a companion slot, and so will not count against the number of allowed companions.

 • Unlike other companions that simply follow the player character, Whirly is also able to roam around the general area while the player character is exploring. This "scouting" activity is useful for early detection of threats that would otherwise not be discovered as soon. And switching between Follow modes can provide notable tactical advantages.

  -- Follow Roaming: general scouting for potential threats, long range for attacking and pursuing enemies, hampered by tall structures
  -- Follow No Roaming: follows closely until combat begins, long range for attacking and pursuing enemies, hampered by tall structures
  -- Follow Defending: follows closely, stays nearby, medium range for attacking enemies with little to no pursuit [initial follow mode]
  -- Follow No Fighting: follows closely, does not identify potential threats, does not engage enemies in combat

 • Whirly can only be flown outdoors due to limitations in the game's flying AI for Vertibirds. So Whirly automatically waits outside whenever the player character ventures indoors.

 • When combat occurs, the player character's current target will be given priority over other opponents.

 • Enemies may at times be engaged very aggressively, and other times not so much. Depending on the surrounding terrain, it may take a while for Whirly to line up strafing runs at its current target.

• Twin Miniguns are used initially, with quests available (at various player character levels) for upgrading to other kinds of weapons; e.g. Gatling Lasers at Level 12.

 • When instructed to Land & Wait, a mini-helipad is automatically deployed at Whirly's landed location and is assigned a Map Marker. Which means if out in the middle of nowhere with no nearby map marker, you can land Whirly, map travel to a destination for whatever purpose, then use Whirly's marker to return; i.e. Whirly becomes a portable "return" map marker while landed.

 • A command is issued by equipping the Whirligig Controller and making a selection; available commands are shown after leaving the Pip-Boy displays. The controller can be found in the Weapons inventory category after being picked up. Note that when you invoke the Whirligig Controller the list of commands is *scrollable*; i.e. there are more functions than you initially see in that window.

 • Whirly originally appeared as a mod for Fallout: New Vegas.  For those who are interested, that mod can be found Here.  But note that due to significant differences in FO4 versus FNV a "shoulder latched" version of Whirly FO4 is not currently available.

For additional information, see the Whirly's Notable Features article or refer to the RobCo Whirligig Owner's Manual in-game.


No special requirements. None of the DLCs are required.

Load Order Sequence:

Position Whirly as low in your "load order" sequence as possible; especially below any/all mods related to Vertibirds and the Sanctuary Root Cellar.

Known Issues:

A grenade icon with a count of zero is likely to appear when using the Whirligig Controller - ignore it, just a vanilla game quirk.

Due to a base game bug, Whirly's miniguns may continue to fire indefinitely. To resolve the issue: create a new saved game, completely exit the game to Window's desktop, restart the game, then load that saved game and resume play.

Known Conflicts:

Whirly is known to have conflicts with these mods: Root Cellar Player Home, Finished Basement - Sanctuary Root Cellar, and Remnant Bunker Player Home. Whirly will not be present if those mods are installed. The same could be true for other "root cellar" mods. So if Whirly can't be found initially, then look for a mod conflict.

Unlimited Companion (Follower) Framework and Amazing Follower Tweaks both have conflicts with Whirly by forcing standard "companion" dialog/command interactions, which can seriously "break" my scripting and Whirly's subsequent behavior. The same holds true for other mods that override NPC behavior to force being a companion. Those kinds of mods can be installed, and used on other NPCs where appropriate -- but *never* use them to "recruit" Whirly, or to manage Whirly, or interact with Whirly, or affect Whirly in any way. Never force Whirly to be managed in any way by some other mod. Instead, always use Whirly's own Controller functions.


This mod may not be reused in part or whole for any purpose other than its original intent. It may not be uploaded to any other web site. Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss things; for example, translation into a non-English language.

Change Log:

See the Changes tab for details.


Bethesda Softworks - for the original Models and Textures [I merely provided the ingenuity and scripting to bring Whirly "to life"]

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In Memoriam:

In memory of my Father (may he Rest In Peace) who was a model airplane maker (gliders & gas powered) and an RC enthusiast.