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Ever wondered that you drink a beer for example and the bottle is magically gone? With the new survival mode you could use the bottle to get some water! But how to get this bottle!? Give Me That Bottle fixes that and gives a bottle in return! This mod adds new water bottles and cooking recipes to turn your dirty water into purified wate

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Give Me That Bottle

If you are looking for direct helpinformationpatchesunreleased mods, pre-released updates for my mods or just want to talk and share images and videos of your adventures, feel free to join us!

If you are looking for direct helpinformationpatchesunreleased mods, pre-released updates for my mods or just want to talk and share images and videos of your adventures, feel free to join us!

What is Give Me That Bottle?

This is a simple mod that gives you a bottle back every time you drink a beer, nuka cola, rum, whiskey, wine, water, etc.
The bottle you get depends on the drink you have and also lets you refill & re-use your bottles!
This mod adds a lot of new drinkable water bottles and recipes for turning dirty water into purified water.

Do i need this mod?
With the latest changes to survival mode, you can refill empty bottles with water.
And also because it's immersive! Every time you drink a bottle in Fallout 4, the bottle disappears, but where does it go? Mhh!? 
You can re-use your bottles! You can cook your dirty water and turn it into purified water!

Choose the main version and simply install it.

This mod touches the items itself. There is a compatibility patch for Valdacil's Item Sorting.
Load Give Me That Bottle.esp after Valdacil's Item Sorting esps.

Future Plans
- Overhaul refilling bottles, as of right now you only get Dirty Water / Purified Water. (This is how Bethesda implemented it and it sucks) - done
- Make newly added water bottles available for vanilla cooking receipes
- Rebalance heal effects of newly added water bottles / make them differ - done
- Add packaging for Foods (Sugar Bombs, Cram etc.) and make them available for re-using as crafting material, (Steel, Aluminium etc.)

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