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Tired of feeding your Brahmin from a bathtub? Me too, so I made some new meshes/textures from scratch. Standalone meshes for both feeder and trader outpost. Filled with delicious (ew) Brahmin feed.

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Hotfiles?  Really?  Slow week! haha thanks you guys.

Tiny little quick mod.  I know troughs are kinda popular at the moment but seeing those was motivation to finally finish a model I started a while back.  I got tired of feeding Brahmin a) invisible air and b) from a broken bathtub.  I mean, the player can craft a turret from scratch, and build entire multi-level buildings, afterall, why not give your source of food/milk (MILK THAT BRAHMIN!) a proper eating area?  AND SOME FOOD?

This adds 2 new meshes and textures, all made 100% from scratch, to the Workshop.  One for the feeder, one for the trader caravan post.  They're cement with some welded rusty iron blocks underneath for support (I modeled these based on a photo of a DIY cow trough I found.)  They are filled with Brahmin feed pellets as well.

They are standalone and will appear next to their vanilla counterparts in the Workshop menu.  Because it's standalone it's also compatible with any of the other trough mods that fill up the vanilla troughs, etc.

This has to be an ESP because the vanilla trough shares the exact same mesh/model as all the other bathtubs in the wasteland and settlements, so unless you want every one of them to suddenly become a feeding trough, the ESP is required in order to direct to the new mesh :)

- Activate with NMM or drag/drop into your /data/ folder

FO4Edit & CK
- Blender 2.75
- Outfit Studio (for import/export of OBJ)
- NifSkope
- Photoshop CS6, CrazyBump, Material Editor

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