Fallout 4
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Adds hundreds of map markers for previously unmarked Interiors, Points of Interest, Places to Sleep, Things to See. Modules for Commonwealth, Far Harbor, and Nuka-World. Each with their own Holotape to adjust settings in-game.

Permissions and credits
Cartographers Map Markers (Fallout 4 Edition)

Explore Everything

Adds hundreds of new map markers to your in-game map.  Don't miss anything, see it all!

Special Note.  I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone that has supported me.  It's due to the encouraging messages and support that my mods are even here on Nexus again.  And to those that gave me hate, I'm sorry your life is so miserable you have to put down others to build yourself up.  Thanks!  Peace, Love, and Kindness.  Feyawen.

  • 329 New Markers
  • 50 Custom Markers
Far Harbor
  • 78 New Markers
  • 20 Custom Markers
  • 40 New Markers
  • 20 Custom Markers

In-Game Holotape Allows:
  • Place a Custom Marker at your Location
  • Toggle Groups of Markers On and Off
  • Set Markers as Known or Discovered
  • Teleport to a Custom Marker
  • Teleport to Special Faction HQ Locations
  • Teleport to M.I.L.A. Location
  • Adjust how much XP you receive when a location is Discovered
  • Set the name of the Holotape to work with most Sorting UI Mods

Q: How does the Teleportation work?
A: Teleportation bypasses the in-game Fast Travel using a MoveTo function.  This means it can be used in Survival.  If you feel this is cheating, don't use this feature.

Q: Why is this place named that?
A: Most locations do not have specific names.  I tried to come up with unique names for everything (so that you don't have 20 "house" markers).  To get the name, I simply looked around the Environment, Terminals, Notes, and any other clues to help.  So a house near a road will be "Roadside House", a house next to water will be "Lakeside House", and so on.

Q: What happened to <insert previous feature here>?
A: I have decided to break down all my mods.  Partially due to the way Bethesda.Net handles mods.

Q: What will happen to Small Map Markers and Color Palettes?
A: Small Map Markers is getting a fresh new update.  But it is a work in progress and will likely lose some features.  Every time Bethesda releases an update, SMM and Color Palettes have to be redone again using the new source files.

Q: After I Installed CMM I get lots of Crash to Desktop, Why?
A: You are using a UI mod that is out of date.  CMM uses the latest Bethesda source files for it's markers.  Some UI mods have not updated their source code in a long time.  What happens is, an out-dated UI will not be able to show one of the new Marker Icons from the new source.  When that happens, instant CTD.  This is the same bug that plauged Def_UI when the Mechanists Lair marker was added and the Def_UI source was out of date.  Every time you'd get close enough for the Mechanists Lair to appear on your Compass, instant CTD.   As far as I am aware, Def_UI has since been updated to work with Nuka-World, I can not confirm any other UI mods.

Q: What Happened?
A: I had the Modding Soul sucked out of me.  I still haven't found it, but thanks to the support, messages, and donations, I feel like I can struggle through and release what I have.  I am checking all my mods to make sure they work with the latest game version.  All my mods are likely to come back, albeit slowly.