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Annex The Commonwealth!
Expand your settlements dynamically with a new gameplay mechanic!
Increase the settlements build volumes and budgets dynamically!
Build empires across the land like never before!
With out-of-box support for Sim Settlements, your settlers will claim land themselves!

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Were you hyped when you heard that Fallout 4 would have settlement building?  Were you disappointed when you were only given a small selection of areas and settlements?  We were too.

Don't like the existing options of mods that just BOOM! expand settlements or their budgets?  We didn't, we wanted something more immersive without the free give aways.


ATC uses a similar concept to the VaultTec DLC of dynamic growing settlements.  You will start with the basic vanilla settlement area and grow from there.
You can expand borders in-game and make your settlement bigger.

Each new area (sub-division) claimed has it's own set of requirements and settlement milestones to be met.  ATC allows any settlement to claim any sub-division as long as they get there first.  Each sub-division will add to the settlements build-able area and total build budget.  There is a law of diminishing returns though!  The further a sub-division is from a given settlement, it won't add as much to the build budget or bonus population.

Oh, did we forget to mention the bonus population?  Every sub-division will also increase the total population that can be supported by the settlement too!

Also, the Fallout 4 Script Extender, Cartographers Map Markers and, Sim Settlements & Rise of the Commonwealth are not required; in short, there are no external requirements but certain extenders and mods will add some enhanced features if they are installed.  See Docs for more information.

This mod comes with both FOMOD and BaIn installers and it is recommend to use NMM or Bash to install.

Manual installation is also supported but it is not recommended unless you know what you are doing.

Only direct incompatibility is the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch v2.0.0 and lower which broke the workshop script API.
This was fixed in v2.0.1 so, either do not use UFO4P or use v2.0.1 or later.

Other than that there should be no compatibility issues.
All settlement expansion mods that alter vanilla settlements are 100% compatible, you will just convert them to ATC settlements.
There are no direct conflict issues with custom settlements, but they can't be converted to ATC.
That being said, it's very easy for modders to make patches (tutorial forthcoming) to take part in ATC.

Read Readme or Docs

The current release is v0.3.1, when all of The Commonwealth settlements are covered the mod will be v1.0.0.
We are releasing it in three stages as we add more content and the version numbers will reflect that until v1.0.0.

In short, do you like it big?

Me too.

Join us on Discord to live chat and stay up-to-date on the mods development.