Mod articles

  • Tips for the users who have frequent CTDs.

    Since mod authors face CTD reports from users frequently i decided to place some notes about possible reasons and fixes for game CTDs. Although the list below is by no means complete, it covers most common scenarios:

    1. Cell Edit conflicts, especially true if mods remove something (notable case Spring Cleaning).
    2. Saves corrupted by some other Cell editing mods (including settlement mods).
    3. Navmesh/AI path finding problems of the game engine. 
    4. System overtaxing/fallout 4 engine memory leak. 
    5. Unofficial Fallout 4 patch has been confirmed to cause crashes and is incompatible with this mod!

    I don't know if people are aware but currently where are problems with compatibility between all mods that edit Cells and those can ...

  • Tips about performance and Stuttering

    Stuttering usually means problems/conflicts in the load order, or too many mod stuff loaded all at one. Why you guys just can't read the description, when i precisely stated that your load order must be optimized, if you want no performance issues. Do you think game engine is just magic tinkerer type and will not be loaded by a numerous NPCs who are out where? How do you imagine having much more action on the screen without hammering the game engine performance? Your conflicts in load order what are present initially are just amplified by addition of many new NPCs. Do you expect that to be in another way? 

    For example, let's say you have some mod that adds new weapon, any you had non made merged patch for it of don't use proper compatibility mod, because you think...