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Mod Fifty Loving Hearts adds to the game fifty women-followers.
They will follow you, protect you, love you, wait and miss you.
They say a kind words for you and work in settelments for you.

Permissions and credits

Added video for mod users. Only Russian comments and Russian version of the mod. You can add subtitles and automatic translation to your language on YouTube.

Добавил видео для помощи пользователям мода. Русские комментарии и версия мода.

Release version. In romantic scenes, hearts will restore to hero the radiation, health and action points. 

Доступна русская версия мода. На закладке Files выбирайте в Optional files файл Fifty Loving Hearts v1.0 RUS.

In version 0.99 black screen when romanced by a Heart and are solved problems of terminal completions of dialogues.
Аdded to the description the method of "healing" of the hearts. Perhaps it will help you in some cases of the hearts "disease"


Mod Fifty Loving Hearts adds to the game fifty women-followers.
They will follow you, protect you, love you, wait and miss you. They say only good words for you and work in settelments for you.

Why so many???

I have a lot of settlements. In each settlement I needed a lieutenant. 
Who would have waited me, whom I would have trusted, which would be devoted to me, who would have graced the settlement and who I would like to see again. Who I could take to followers and sent back to the settlement.


You can be found hearts in the north east of the Abernathy farm over the hill.

I highly recommend to use mod Unlimited Companion Framework by Expired6978.
Also for those who like to play with companions and take care of them recommend mod Liga of my companions by Iggdrasil7. 
If you install one of this mods then 16 companions available for companion sequences. Do not try to connect at one time a large number of companions in order to avoid the scripts crash (see posts).
Without this mods the number of companions is one or the dog. And you will have to act strictly according to the algorithm: attached-fired, attached-fired...

They are strong fighters and good workers. 
They are ideal settlers (such settlers I expected from vanilla).
Each of them maintains its looks of your choice. You can install any preset with LooksMenu by Expired6978. No presets in this mod.
All matching names and appearance of hearts with real characters random and not deliberate.
Appearance and hairstyles hearts as simple as possible, everything is left to your choice.

Presets shown in the screenshots you can be downloaded here. There is short tutorial for use files with presets.

Unfortunately they have no voice, but they are available for dialogue.
If you need follower, talk to her.
If you have to fire her, talk to her.
If you are rerecruit to the follower, talk to her.
If you want to say or to hear a kind words, talk to her.
I ask you to close your eyes to the random choice of the answers of hearts to your questions.

To force the heart to leave the Power Armor for versions starting at 0.95.
To force the heart as a settler to left the Power Armor, recruit her.
To force the heart as a follower to left the Power Armor, dismiss her.
To force the heart as a follower to enter the Power Armor, give the standard command as an indication of the target for follower.


If the hearts behave incorrectly, for example, they move behind you as a companion, and the dialogue begins as a settler.
Or something similar. I propose a method of "healing" of hearts. Perhaps he will help you to call the hearts to order.
The idea of ​​the method.
Each heart has its own quest, for this quest they get acquainted, hired and fired. You must execute in the console the command  ResetQuest <QuestId>.
For example, <QuestId> for Ada Wong  is osv_RecruitAdaWong, for Lara Croft osv_RecruitLaraCroft, etc.
Your task for the healing of Ada Wong is to execute in the console the command ResetQuest osv_RecruitAdaWong,
for healing of Lara Croft - ResetQuest osv_RecruitLaraCroft, etc. This team takes the heart to the first acquaintance stage. 
The names of several hearts do not match the name of the quest.
You can find the names of all the quests for hearts by opening in the FO4Edit editor the file osv_Fifty Loving Hearts.esp in the Quest section.


Starting with the version 0.9 the heart are romanceable.
When talking as with a follower, with dismissal or when re-recruiting, the hearts can offer you a romantic encounter.
I warn you right away that it is a rare event. To receive such an offer, you need to learn the trigger phrase and apply some luck.
There will be lucky ones who will receive such an offer at the first meeting.


For change character names in my mod see image.
Or you can use any third-party mod to change the character names.


Bug fixes.
I'm counting to give the hearts of more individuality in the dialogues.
I accept your comments on changing hearts.
I accept your proposals on the texts of the dialogues.


Video from aliashero
The first one was Disco Wasteland.
The second video called Dance Commander


Works automatically download and installation using the NMM.

Download file to location of your choice on your PC and extract archive.
Drag and drop DATA folder of mod into Fallout 4 Folder where the Fallout4.exe is located.
Confirm all overwrites when asked.
Added to file Plugins.txt string "*osv_Fifty Loving Hearts.esp" without quotes.


Delete from file Plugins.txt string "*osv_Fifty Loving Hearts.esp"
Delete files "osv_Fifty Loving Hearts.esp" and "osv_Fifty Loving Hearts - Main.ba2" from DATA folder.
Yes, mod consists only two files.


Many thanks Seddon4494 for his video tutorials.
Thank [color=#ffe599]femshepping
for advice of the mod content.
Thank aliashero for using my mod in your videos.
Thank farazon123 for the correction of the English version of the dialogues.


Don't forget to come back and endorse the mod if you like it.
Post screenshots to the Image Gallery.

[color=#ffe599]What all these beautiful women to dress? Load my mod Union of colors for Slooty Vault JumpSuit or my mod Union of colors for Open Vault Suit and you will have many options.