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VALKYRIE IS ONLINE Your Power armor Is not Just a power armor Put the AI Chip Its Functional. plus None powered armor Delivery

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You Hate That Sometimes yOu need To Leave your FAvs Power armor? Why Not Turn it into a Companion Hmmm? Or maybe Call a vertibird to Deliver Another Power armor for you! :) In your time of Need!

THIS MOD WAS INSPIRED BY "TitanFall Thingy",  "Power Armor Autopilot By Kentington" and "Power Armor Airdrop By Marmo1233" and so I Create Something :) That i always Wanted To do Long ago. :) This is My Very First Mod.

This Mod is Fully Compatible to any Power armor Mod.

Please Read it Its Very IMportant you know. so you would understand.
\Im not Good at english if you Found my grammar not Perfect! im Sorry/

Lore: The Sole Survivor Stumbled Into Old Pre-War Tech BluePrint and a Broken Chip From Remnants Abandoned Facility Somewhere On CommonWealth About Constructing the AI Called "Valkyrie" It Should Be An "AutoPilot" AI for the Power armors so The Remnants Won't Waste Soldier's Dying From the hand of there enemies. For whatever Reason Did the Remnants Finally Completed The BluePrint and use it? But We never Heard of it During the war that it was used By remnants. Well Its the Sole Survivor To Find out :) Because Valkyrie is finally ONLINE.

This is Only Have Female Voice for Protagonist(I use Vanilla Lines Instead) and For the Male? I am so sorry Maybe Next Time. Male Protagonist is MUTE D:

Valkyrie is essential!
Valkyrie Can equip Guns
Valkyrie Can Carry Your Stuff around(If you Decide that you won't Remove the Chip Forever)
VAlkyrie Can be Eject and use it as your Power armor :) If you going into Manual Mode!
Valkyrie Can Be called If you Forgot to bring Her, Make sure you Craft the "Valkyrie S.O.S Grenade!" and it will aid you into your Fight :)
You can Also Register A None Powered Armor(None autoPilot) or your favorite power armor. You can CAll VAlkyire and also you can Deliver a None Powered armor(for you to Ride of course! if you don't want to Remove Valkyrie!) at the same time!

Future Plan: Hmmm Extending The Dialogue(and maybe add a quest for Lore Story Line for Valkyrie if she recall Her Memory if she ever was used By remants during the war) And Adding Voice for male Protagonist! If i find away and Also Changing Dialogue Voice for female into Proper one(Not Vanilla anymore) If i find away also :)

Install The requirements First Then Install Mine! Using NNM or VORTEX!

If you Done Download the Requirements! Then You need This, Read THIS! :)

TUt. How to Get Valkyrie :) and Use the None Powered armor feature

1. You need to be in your Settlement then remove the power armor pieces and Scrap The Power armor Frame to Prevent The Bug(Power armor will Be Puff Invisible) its a known Issue Like on "AutoPilot Power armor mod"
Once done Scrap, Go into Workshop mode under "special Tab" and Rebuild The power armor frame you scrap earlier and put all the Pieces back together.
2. Go into Chem. Station There will be 2 "Utility Section" One for None powered armor and one for Where you can Craft the AI Chip. Craft Valkyrie AI Chip and Then Craft "Valkyrie S.O.S Grenade".
3. Go to Into Other Utility Section You can Find "Holotape None powered armor Normal, None Powered armor Cheats and The Power armor Flare Gun" 
-NOne Powered armor Normal is, You can Register your None Powered armor or Unstuck it and register/Prioritize other Power. armor Just Remember Don't Register Valkyrie Into None Powered armor at the Same time or the Deliver of the power armor will be bug! Missing its Pieces and cannot be commandable or Drivable! "its NONE Remember its NONE! Don't Register the AutoPilot!"
-None Powered Armor Cheats is, You can Get the Power armor Flare Gun ammo, Sigrnal Grande, Power armor Flare Gun without Crafting it.
-You can Craft the Signal Grenade and the Flare Gun ammo Under "Grenade Section" if you Choose The Normal Holotape.
4. Move your Prioritize/Favs Power armor away from NearBy power armor and Open "None Powered armor Normal/Cheats Holotape" And Choose "Set power armor" and Choose "Unstuck power armor" if you want to Register another one Just always Remember Please Don't Register the Autopilot at the same time!! D:
5. ONce all Set Go into other Fav. power armor or another power armor(Not The power armor You Register on None Powered armor Holotape!) and Put Power core inside and Valkyrie AI Chip, once Fired her up talk to her(I won't Spoil the dialogue!) You can add Weapon for Valkyrie to Equip!
----------This Part is to test the Grenade---------
6. Use PA flare Gun or PA Smoke Flare Grenade to Deliver your None Powered armor and Ride it!
7. Use Valkyrie S.O.S Smoke Grenade If you Forgot to Bring her along and need a backup at the Middle of the Fight.
---------This Part is Manual Mode! and not AutoPilot anymore!------------------
8. Talk to Valkyrie and Choose "stay" Then Open her Inventory and Remove the weapon you give to her and then Remove the AI Chip!(Make sure your also on a flat Surface) and You are Good to Go to Ride it.
9 While you use the power armor(Where you put Valkyrie Before) You can Also Put VAlkyrie Into other power armor. If you want to Put Valkyrie Into the power armor you register on None Powered armor, "unstuck" the power armor Using the Holotape and put Valkyrie and Shes ONLINE AGAIN! Yey :D

If you read my "TUt. How to Get Valkyrie" i am sure you understand the Video

Recommended Mods used on this Power armor
Power Armor Helmet Style Visor 16 by 9 Aspect Ratio Only( Choose Animated Hud with Semi Transparent 3rd Person)
Power Armor HUD - 1st person retexture(When asking Overwrite Choose "Yes")
Glowing Nuka Cola Quantum X01 Power Armor(Retexture I use for my Nuka Cola Quantom)

Once AGAIN WANNA THANKS TO Power Armor Autopilot By Kentington and Power Armor Airdrop By Marmo1233(Endorse Them and Give Kudos! To them For the WonderFul Idea!) Without it I can't Create This! and Thanks to Nicholas(Nicholas Should Be Voice acting Nate but I failed D:) and Her Wife For Voice acting Valkyrie!