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Hotkey anything to any key.

Not enough favorites slots for all your equipment? No problem!

Hotkey equipment, items, even console commands.

Lower weapons on demand, split grenade and melee keys, toggle HUD and more!

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When your boss says you have an attitude problem.
(Hotkey "special" actions and activate them anytime.)

★ Features ★
☢ Hotkey any piece of equipment / consumable to any key! E.g. F1, F2, Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift 1, Z, B, etc.
☢ Hotkey any console command!
☢ Hotkey any in-game Papyrus function!

This is an extremely powerful framework and it means that you can have a one-button press to:
☢ Lower your weapon on demand
☢ Command your companion
☢ Split the grenade and melee keys
☢ Hide/show HUD, toggle flycam, freeze time, play animations
☢ Add a fifth dialogue reply option
☢ Activate other mods like Bullet Time or HideUI.
...and much more!

★ About ★

I can hardly contain my excitement - sorry!

For the longest time I've dreamt for a way to have a one-button push to toggle menus and the flycam to get nice screenshots. Since Fallout 3, since Fallout: New Vegas, and since Skyrim I have wished it was possible to hotkey console commands. And though the script extenders for those games allowed for hotkeys, it was never possible to hotkey console commands. Now, with Fallout 4, it is.

And it's thanks to... drumroll... Bethesda! Upon poking around in the exe I found that Fallout 4 actually supports hotkeys, but it was disabled in traditional Bethesda style.

I'm super-excited to share this with you.

★ Installation ★

You have a choice between two versions - full and lite. The full version includes a simple in-game hotkey manager for you to assign and change assignments for equipment pieces to hotkey slots. It handles the equipping of bound items for you and also checks to make sure you have the item in your inventory before equipping it. When you start the game, Hotkey Manager will be added to the AID section of your inventory.

The lite version doesn't add anything to the game other than enable hotkey support. You can then configure your hotkeys manually by editing Hotkeys.ini.


Use your mod manager, or download and unzip the mod to your Data directory.


Download and unzip the mod, then open install_hotkeys.cmd to put the right files in the right place.

Lite (Manual)

Navigate to <Documents>\My Games\Fallout4\ and open Fallout4Custom.ini. Add
bUseConsoleHotkeys=1 and sConsoleINI=Data\Hotkeys.ini under the [Menu] section header. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Now copy Hotkeys.ini from the mod into your Fallout 4 Data directory followed by the rest of the files.

★ How to Use ★

Two hotkeys are included in the installation by default so that you can make sure you've got hotkeys set up properly. Once in-game, press F2 to toggle menu visibility, and F3 to toggle the free-fly camera.

If you installed the full version, the keys Z, G, B, Y, H, N, U will be bound by default to slots 1-7 respectively in the Hotkey Manager (not favorites menu!). Simply assign items via the included Hotkey Manager and the respective keys will then activate them.
Shift-1 to Shift-10 are also bound to slots 1-10.

Read on for how to reconfigure keybinds to whichever keys you want.

Using Hotkey Manager

If you've installed the full version, the Hotkey Manager will be added to the Aid section of your inventory. Use it to assign equipment / items to hotkey slots.

To choose an item to bind, select the hotkey slot in Hotkey Manager, then select the item you want to bind from the inventory. You will then receive a notification if the item was bound successfully.

Hotkey Manager is for managing which items are bound to which slots only - to change the keybinds, see the next section.

Adding / Modifying Hotkeys / Hotkeying Console Commands

After installation,
☢ Hotkeys.ini will be created in your Data folder. Your hotkeys are saved here. You can edit this file to add hotkeys.
☢ The hotkey console command will also be enabled. You can register new hotkeys in-game with the console command hotkey.

Format: hotkey <key to bind> <function to bind>
hotkey F2 tfc
hotkey B tm
hotkey Shift-1 tgm

To set a keybind for items bound with Hotkey Manager, type:
hotkey <key to bind> hot <hotkey slot>
E.g. hotkey Z hot 1 will bind the Z key to slot 1 in Hotkey Manager.

Removing Hotkeys

Console command: hotkey <key to unbind>
E.g. to unbind F2, type hotkey F2

Note that if you assign a hotkey to something already bound in-game, the hotkey will take precedence! This gives you a way to override certain default features, e.g. replacing VATS with Bullet Time.

★ Limitations ★

Variants of a unique item can only be bound to one hotkey. Variants are equipment pieces with the same form ID but different mods. E.g. Light combat armor and Heavy combat armor. As variants have the same ID and are indistinguishable, the game will always equip the one you've equipped most recently if you bind variants into different hotkeys.

★ Mod Authors & Permissions ★

- To maximize compatibility, instead of overwriting your users' Hotkeys.ini with your own, please make use of the small utility that I've prepared that automatically merges your mod's own hotkeys with your users' Hotkeys.ini, or roll your own solution for adding (not overwriting!) your hotkeys to users' Hotkeys.ini. You have full permission to rebrand, redistribute and modify the batch utility for your needs. Please always provide appropriate instructions and information so that your mod plays nice with other mods utilizing hotkeys!

★ FAQs ★

Q: I lost / didn't receive the Hotkey Manager item.

A: Make sure you've activated FO4Hotkeys.esp in your mod manager or via plugins.txt. You can also get the item back with the console command cqf hotkeys giveitems.

★ Video ★

Many thanks to Nozi and Adi for the great videos!

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