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  • Commands for Popular Actions

    Commands for Popular Actions

    Here are several popular commands that you can add to your own hotkey collection.

    If you've created your own feel free to share them.

    Replace the Bs and the Gs to set your own keys for these actions!

    Lower Weapons On Demand:
    B=player.pa actiongunrelaxed; player.pa actiongundown

    Toggle HUD

    Remotely Command Companions
    See here.

    Hotkey Manager Slots:
    NumPad1=hot 1
    NumPad2=hot 2, etc.

    Split Grenade and Melee Hotkeys:
    G=player.pa ActionThrow
    B=player.pa ActionMelee

    Unfortunately you can't override L Alt, so I'd recommend just assigning B for bash, and continue t...

  • List of Possible Keybinds

    List of Possible Keybinds

    Possible Keybindings (not exhaustive!):

    Keyboard Keybinds:
    Note: All single keys must be CAPITALIZED.

    Single Keys
    e.g. Z, T, G, B, etc.

    Key Modifiers + Single Keys
    e.g. Shift-1, Shift-2, Alt-1, Ctrl-1, etc.

    Multiple Key Modifiers + Single Keys
    Order of modifiers is important - use them in this order: Shift, Ctrl, Alt.
    e.g. Shift-Ctrl-1, Shift-Alt-B, Ctrl-Alt-T, Shift-Ctrl-Alt-H

    Note the capitalization of NumPad.
    e.g. NumPad0, NumPad1 to NumPad9, NumPad*, NumPad+, NumPad-, etc.

    Special Keys:
    e.g. R Ctrl (with a space), R Alt, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, ScrlLock, NumLock, Backspace, Insert, Delete, Caps Lock