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Utilizes the New Calibers mod to allow .357magnum .44magnum and .50AE receivers for Stabcops Desert Eagle weapon mod

Permissions and credits
DEagle Receivers Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 of DEagle receivers is here for Version 2.0 or higher of DOOMs Desert Eagle mod.
Version 2.0 of DEagle Receivers is rebuilt from the ground up on the updated Desert Eagle mod.
Ironically, Version 2 does not add any receivers!
Instead, Version 2 makes caliber conversion a separate mod slot from receivers.

Version 2.0 of DOOMs Desert Eagle mod uses the vanilla .44 caliber as default with .38 and .50 caliber conversions. This patch Changes the .38 caliber conversion to the .357 magnum and the .50 to use the .50AE ammo. For Version 2 I have also added .45 Long Colt and .454 Casull caliber conversions!
This patch has a multi-tier crafting recipes for caliber conversions. You can use the Barrel Sets and Conversion kits from New Calibers, Requiring only level 1 of the Gun Nut perk. Or a build from scrap recipe requiring Gun Nut rank 4.
I have also added a Caliber Modcol so the gun will spawn with a random caliber option.

Requires The New Calibers Mod By BrowncoatGarrus.

Required mods:
-Desert Eagle. by Doom Version 2 or higher.
-New Calibers. by BrowncoatGarrus Version 3 or higher.

    -Step1: Install "Desert Eagle 50AE" by Doom as instructed.
    -Step2: Install "New Calibers" by BrowncoatGarrus as instructed.
    -Step3: Install "DEagle Receivers 2.0"
    -Step4: ???
    -Step5: Profit.

-Added Ammo Keywords for dynamic naming.

-Rebuilt from the ground up for Version 2 of DOOMs Desert Eagle.
-No longer a replacer esp due to technical issue I dont know how to deal with in FO4Edit.
-Caliber Conversions now separate mod slot from receivers.
-DOOMs .50 caliber conversion changed to use .50AE ammo
-.38 caliber conversion changed to .357 Magnum, Damage slightly improved.
-Added .45LC and .454 Casull conversion options.
-.357 and .50AE ammo capacity tweaked to match real world counterparts.
-9 rounds in .357 and 7 rounds in .50AE for standard size magazine.
-Attack Delay adjusted so smaller calibers have faster rate of fire.
-Multi-tier Crafting recipe for caliber conversions
-New Calibers Barrel Sets and Conversion kits with Gun Nut rank 1
-Build from scrap with Gun Nut rank 4

        Merged "DesertEagle50AE.esp" and "DEalgeReceivers.esp" into single esp file.
Likely to brake .357 and .50 receivers if updating from previous version. Recommend reinstalling .44 receiver before updating to avoid deleting the gun from your inventory.
        Labeled .44 Caliber receivers in weapons workbench mod menu.
        Adjusted ammo capacitys of receivers to match real-world counterpart. (9 rounds for .357)(8 rounds  for .44)(7 rounds for .50AE)
        Adjusted Large Magazine mod to add +6 ammo to all receivers. (15 rounds for .357)(14 rounds  for .44)(13 rounds for .50AE)
        Tweeked Damage output for all receivers.
        Adjusted recoil for all receivers. (lower recoil for .357.  Higher recoil .50AE)
Adjusted Rate of fire for .357 and .50AE receivers. (.357 slightly faster then .44, .50AE slightly slower then.44)
        Added This readme file to zip folder and download page.

        Initial release
        Added .357Magnum and .50AE reciver options to .44 version of Doom's DesertEagle weapon mod.

    Doom for creating the DesertEagle weapon mod
    BrowncoatGarrus for creating the New Calibers mod.

This is my first Mod. comments and criticism welcome