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Adds physiological needs (Sleep, Food, Water) to the game.

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Optional downloads:
SimpleNeeds Anchorage:
Health Dispensers in the Anchorage Sim give you 100% food/water/sleep. (Requires: Anchorage.esm, SimpleNeeds.esm)
For: The Pit, Broken Steel, Point Lookout:
Check out the patchs by CaptainCookie SimpleNeeds - DLC compatibility

Adds physiological needs (Sleep, Food, Water) to the game.

I've designed SimpleNeeds to be as unintrusive on original game content & game mechanics as possible.
I've also paid special attention to keeping it intuitive and simple to use.
Hence 'SimpleNeeds' is not called 'Complicated-Life-Sim'

If you'd prefer a more realistic / detailed mod that adds physiological needs, try out: RI - Primary Needs, or BasicNeeds which are both very good.

How it works:
Starvation = AGL-1, AP-20 (With beta on: -1hp/5secs)
Fatigue = INT-1, PER-1
Dehydration = END-1, Dam Res-10 (With beta on: -1hp/5secs)

- Every 6 hours you will use 25% of your food/water/sleep quota.
- When your food/water/sleep quota is reduced to 0% you will receive negative effects.
- Eating/Drinking/Sleeping adds to your quota and will reset the 6hr count down for that quota.
- If you are suffering negative effects any addition to the respective quota will remove the effects and restart the 6hr countdown for that need.
- Quota status can be checked in the 'Needs Status' quest.
- If you are suffering from Starvation, Fatigue, or Dehydration you will slowly lose health (-5hp / 5secs) until you address you're situation. If you do not want this option; using the GECK quote out the content in SimpleNeedsDamageScript

To make it easy to keep track of food consumption I have modified the weight of all food.
An item of food weighing 1 is = to 100% of your daily need, and an item weighing 0.5 is = to 50%.

- Converted the mod (esp) into a master file (esm). This now makes it easier to create patches for DLC & mods.
- A player suffering from negative effects will now lose health at a rate of 5hp every 5 seconds.
- Added: vodka, whiskey, scotch, as items that give you 20% of your water needs.
- Purified water now gives you 50% of you water needs, making it the best water to drink.
- Added: Blood packs will give you 100% food and water if you have the Hematophage perk.
- Beta: Players who wish to have health slowly reduced (-1hp/5secs) when suffering from Dehydration or Starvation can (using GECK) edit the 'SimpleNeedsDamageScript' to switch this feature on. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
- 'Needs Status' Quest: Add the ability for the player to check conditions in the quest window.
- Sleep mechanics: Sleep now uses the quota system that food and water used.
- Complete script restructure: Irrelevant to play, but cleans up the code a bit.
- Reduced Message Spam: Some messages have been superseded by the 'Needs Status' Quest
- Removed overeating/drinking: Food in general is lighter and shouldn't cause any problem with packing some for a long trip.
- Added early sleep warning: If you haven't slept for 18hrs you will get a warning.
- Changed Negative effects: Changed the base effects. To reflect the more mental nature of fatigue.

- This mod is fully compatible with my 'Blanket' Mod.
- All beds the player sleeps in now add the 'Well Rested' perk (Not just player owned beds).
- This mod could possibly conflict with mods which alter beds, sleep scripts, or ingestibles.
- It's unlikely that the sleeping effects will work on any beds which are specific to mods/downloadable content.

Known Bugs:
- Sleeping/Waiting for longer then 6hr periods will only result in the loss of 6hrs worth of needs.
This is not a detrimental bug and will not be fixed.
- SimpleNeeds on it's own does not support any of the official downloadable content.

Sleep Supplements (100% of your daily sleep needs):
Jet, Ultrajet, Nuka-Cola Varieties, Quantum Pie

Good water (50% of your daily water needs)
Purified Water

Thirst Quenchers (25% of your daily water needs):
Surface Water, Sinks, Toilets, Etc.
Dirty Water, Nuka-Cola Varieties

Lite Drink (20% of your daily water needs):
Beer, Wine, vodka, whiskey, scotch

Junk Food (10% of your daily food needs (Weight: 0.1)
Bubblegum, Sweetroll, Junk Food, Potato Crisps, Gum Drops, Sugar Bombs

Snack Food (20% of your daily food needs (Weight: 0.2)
Ant Meat, Fresh Apple,Bloatfly Meat, Fresh Carrot, Cram, Dandy Boy Apples, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, Mirelurk Cakes, Hatchling Mirelurk Meat, Crunchy Mutfruit, Mutfruit, Fresh Pear, Fresh Potato, YumYum Deviled Eggs

Lite Meal (50% of your daily food needs (Weight: 0.5)
Blamco Mac and Cheese, Dog Meat, Iguana Bits, Iguana on a Stick, InstaMash, Mirelurk Meat, Softshell Mirelurk Meat, Mole Rat Meat, Mole Rat Wonder Meat, NukaLurk Meat, Noodles, Pork N' Beans, Radroach Meat, Crispy Squirrel Bits, Squirrel on a Stick, YaoGuaiMeat

Good Meal (100% of your daily food needs (Weight: 1.0)
Brahmin Steak, Human Flesh, Quantum Pie, Salisbury Steak, Squirrel Stew, Strange Meat Pie, Strange Meat

Hematophage Perk:
Blood packs give you 100% food and water.

Cannibal Perk:
Consumed Corpse gives you 100% food.