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A companion system and player\'s vault home.

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Before posting a bug report, or such, please read the FAQ here.

That should cover the most common ones. New problems should of course be reported, and I'll attempt to fix them.

The companions creation tutorial is still downloadable under the miscellaneous files section, next to the RR Companions Vault resource file.

You can always keep track of what's going on with the vault, and my other mods from the Nos' Mods Blog

Update 5.65:

I had to allow further updates for newly discovered bugs, didn't I?

Minor fix, removed several obscure edits that somehow survived my seventeen other purges.

No changes to dialog, gameplay, or scripting. Changes probably won't even be noticable from your end, unless you like to deconstruct the mod in FO3Edit.

Update 5.64:

This update marks a final for the RR Companions Vault master. Barring the discovery of new bugs, it will not be updated again.

It's come if not as far as it can, at least as far as I'm willing to take it at present. In truth, I think it's gone a bit farther than it should have in a couple areas.

This update includes the last handful of reliability fixes that I've been able to come up with for the companion system. They're now as reliable as the engine allows.

Because of the edits to the follow package, this version of the master is not compatible with the previous follow distance plugins. New, compatible versions have been created, and are included with the master, now. The new plugins are named identically to the old ones, so simply overwrite the one you're using now with its new version.

The Vault 1 Lab's Mirelurk population has been modified in a further attempt to keep them in the tank. They now swim on a fixed patrol path, rather than freely sandboxing. This should hopefully preclude the engine from moving them outside the tank when loading the cell.

A secondary home marker has been added to the companion system. The new home marker is accessible via the 'I need you to do something for me' menu, and has two options. Set as home and Go home. Set as home sets the cell you're currently in as "Home" for all companions using the RR system. Go home sends only the companion you're speaking to off to their defined home. Vault 1 is considered home, until you set it to a new location. Any cell can be set as home, including mod-added homes. It is not recommended to set anywhere outdoors as "home". Note: this does not replace the previous command, "Go back to the vault". The two options operate completely independently, allowing you to choose where to send your companion(s) back to. 'Home' can be reset at any time, simply by selecting the set command again.

Cosmetic edits have been made to Jill, Joan, Sylvie, Beth, Trish and Doc Smith. These are simple facial edits to make them less unattractive. Denizens of RRGuards and the 5More plugins are unchanged.

Lastly, there's been a change to the companions' health system. A previously missed setting made it impossible to refuse to heal a companion if you had any stimpaks in your inventory; and allowed for an infinite loop of the companion asking for one under certain conditions. This has been fixed, so that you may now leave your companions to die in agony; you heartless person, you. Don't expect them to like you as much once you've refused, though.

New code has been added to the companion scripts. The new scripts will prevent offended companions from asking your for help at all. Authors of existing companions who don't want to go to the trouble of updating their scripts will not suffer reduced functionality - the companions will simply make a dismissive comment rather than asking for help.

There is an out for players who have offended their companions, but I'm not going to explicitly state it. Just think about a bit; it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Table of Contents:
I. General
V. Plugins
VII. Installation
VIII. Uninstallation


Please refer to RR Companions Vault Changelog.txt for specific information on updates.


I. *General:

The RR Companions Vault is a combination house mod AND fully functional companion system.

The house portion consists of Vault 1. The entrance to Vault 1 is located just south of Springvale, towards Megaton. There is a map marker that begins the game fast-travel enabled.

Once inside the entrance, you'll find yourself in the service tunnels that lead to the vault proper. These tunnels contain access points leading to two hatches in the wastes, and can be used for quick access to places you would normally have to walk overland - and through very dangerous places - to get to, but are especially useful for people who don't use fast travel.

Access points lead to: Underneath the Anacostia Crossing side of the Rivet City access bridge; Outside the western wall of Tenpenny Tower. Wasteland-side of the access points have map markers, as well, though they have to be discovered normally.

Access to the Vault itself may be gained (starting from the Springvale entrance) by going straight down the hall, and hanging a left in the main tunnel. The large door at the end leads into Vault 1. It's hard to miss. The others are simple enough to find; just explore. The access tunnel cell is decent sized, but easy to navigate, and decently well lit. There is also a secondary Vault 1 access door, towards the Rivet City exit. It's a small utility door that leads to a tunnel underneath the Vault 1 Overseer's office.

II. *Rooms:

Vault 1, proper is a large underground area, bearing a passing similarity to other Vaults that you'll find around the wasteland. Unlike the other vaults, though, Vault 1 is not a run-down, dreary and depressing place filled with the poorly-dressed. Vault 1 is modern, well stocked, and bearing all the comforts of home - and then some.

It has, in fact, more to do than nearby Megaton.

Vault 1 has dozens of rooms, including:

-Large Player's bedroom, containing pristine Nuka Cola machine, Bobblehead stand, My First Infirmary, My First Laboratory, Workbench, two safes, several lockers, a pair of dressers, couches, and a desk with an Overseer's terminal.

-Museum, with pedestals to place sixteen mannequins for display of your trophy armors and weapons. (Note, the mannequins to go on said pedestals are NOT part of this mod, and must be downloaded separately from: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2060) There are also several glass-fronted weapons cases along one wall, that you may use to display weapons or other small items.

-Armory, with a sorting system to automatically remove items from your inventory and sort them into proper containers. Sorted items include: weapons, armor, workbench components, ammunition, food and medical supplies. Note however that the sorter works only with vanilla Fallout 3 items. Sorting is as follows: Ammo goes into the caliber specific ammo cans in the armory; armor goes into lockers in the armory; workbench components go into toolboxes in the armory; food and drinks go into the labeled non-respawning fridge in the mess hall; meds & chems go into the med-kit up in the guard house.

-A large central area, containing a swimming pool, lounging rugs, and numerous couches. By default, NPCs will undress when they go swimming. Note here: some mod-added weapons don't like to unequip when the NPC swims. I'm not entirely sure why this happens, yet.

-A bar/lounge, containing a bar, pool table, stools, and several booths. NPcs often eat dinner here, or stop in for drinks. The bar is well stocked with booze, if you're so inclined.

-A mess hall/kitchen, seating a few dozen people. Also has a small bar to sit at. One of the refrigerators respawns and should not be used for storage. The other does not, and is safe to store your hoard 'o goodies in. The fridges are appropriately named, and you should have no trouble telling which is which.

-A common room, with another pool table, several couches, and the lockers for the in-vault vendors. Also provides access to...

-A set of dormitory apartments. Thirty rooms, each containing a bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe. Wardrobes have their own random list of clothing items, and will each spawn something different. These wardrobes do NOT respawn. These are the default NPC sleeping quarters, but rooms are NOT assigned to any specific NPC, so they tend to sleep in different places on a regular basis.

-Overseer's office, with desk, monitors, two couches, another Overseer's terminal. Activate the Overseer's Desk to cause it to raise, giving access to a tunnel that leads out into the south-east end of the Vault 1 Access Tunnels.

-Bathroom, with several showers and tubs. NPCs come here to bathe. Note: unless you have some form of nude body installed, the NPCs will shower or take a bath in their underwear.

-Jail, with one large and three small cells. At present, the jail is decorative only.

-A large laboratory, complete with test subjects, and a Mirelurk tank. The human test subject can be selected (male or female) as well as enabled and disabled totally from the Overseer's terminal, in either the Overseer's office or the Player's bedroom.

-An infirmary, containing several beds. This is where the in-Vault doctor works.

-A guard station, just inside the main entrance. This room contains the terminal that accesses the companion tracking system, as well as several protectron pods. Protectrons can be activated and used as guards, although they are less than amazingly reliable. Also contains the ammo can, weapons locker, and med-kit that go with the Vault 1 supply system.

-The Vault 1 Access Tunnels cell includes a set of roving guards with full on/off duty packages and living habits. It also includes a guard equipment storage room, living, bathing, and eating facilities. There is a merchant, who brings along her own guards. The merchant and her staff have their own living and bathing facilities, although the merchant's guards share the mess with the V1 tunnel guards.


Vault 1 comes with a few NPCs of its own.

-Sunny is the bartender. She buys and sells food and alocohol. She is also your contact for the Vault supply system (more on that later).

-Trish works in the infirmary, and buys and sells chems and stimpaks.

-Sylvie wanders the vault and looks pretty. She offers you the ability to change your haircut and facial details.

-Beth wanders the vault, trading in weapons and armor.

-Jason is the cook, and hangs around the mess hall. He buys and sells food.

-Doc Smith sells chems and stims, as well as being a doctor. She has the same abilities as most other wasteland doctors; healing, curing rads, fixing crippled limbs.

-Chloe Boucher is a general merchant, who resides in the access tunnels, and sells nearly anything you want. Chloe's inventory is sorted by category.

-Alice, Anni, Claire, Diana, Serena, and Zoe are the roving guards in the access tunnels. Unlike the guards from the RRGuards plugin, these can NOT be recruited as companions.

-Isabella, Nikola, and Rebecca are Chloe's personal guards. They are not recruitable, and have little to say at the present time.

IIIA. *Companions:

RRCompanionVault.esm includes not only the companion SYSTEM, but five companions. These are half proof of concept, and half generic followers. They include no backstories or custom quests, but do utilize all the functions and features of the system outlined below.

-Jill can be found in Moriarty's Saloon, in Megaton.

-Joan and Michael can be found in the Lobby of Tenpenny Tower.

-Sandra and Rick can be found in the Clubhouse, in Bigtown.

Sandra and Michael default to melee class, the others are standard ranged class. They can, of course, have their class switched at your whim via the dialog options.

They have been placed in what were hoped to be easy-to-find locations, but if you have trouble finding them to recruit, remember the tracking system.

Iv. *Features:

The RR Companions vault comes with several advanced and downright spiffy features.

-Supply system. This system allows you to buy weapons, ammunition, stimpaks and meds. Speak to Sunny to access the system. Each option has several packages, varying in cost. Options only appear if you have the caps in your inventory to afford the purchase. You always have the option to change your mind, and back out without a purchase. Upon purchase, caps are automatically removed from your inventory, and items added to the proper container in the guard house. Weapons, ammunition, and meds are all randomly generated. Stims are bought by quantity. Note: don't leave anything in the supply system containers that you don't want to be communal property - the guards and companions who are NOT in your party WILL take weapons and ammuntion from the containers, if they see something they like. Thus far, they have only been observed taking one weapon each, and the accompanying ammunition for it.

-Sandboxing. The Vault 1 cell contains dozens (perhaps over a hundred - I've never actually sat down and counted) of idle markers. Rather than standing around doing nothing, NPCs - and companions left in the vault - will engage in any of a myriad of activities. From sitting next to the pool relaxing, to taking a shower, to sleeping in a bed, to eating, sitting at the bar, peering through the glass at the captive Mirelurks. They even swim, and admire your displayed trophies in the museum.

-Companion system. An entire document could be devoted to the RR companion system. Companions from the RR system are - in my admittedly biased opinion - some of the most versatile and fully featured available for Fallout 3 today. The companions will follow you, fight alongside you and protect you. Nothing special there, right? They also keep full time track of your health, and theirs, and will use stimpaks in their inventory to heal you or themselves when the need arises. The companions will tell you their stats, attributes, current health and DR rating on command. They'll allow you access to their inventory, and are more than happy to mule loot for you. Companion classes can be changed on the fly, by dialog commands. Combat style is automatically changed to match the new class. Companions can use virtually any weapon you put into their hands. Companions can use any armor, including power armor. Companions can be ordered to follow, stay, guard their current location, go home (to vault 1), or sleep in any of the thirty-one beds in Vault 1, or sleep anywhere they choose in a non-Vault 1 cell (including outdoors).

-Tracking system. Accessible from the Guards' terminal in the guardhouse in the Vault 1 entryway, the tracking system allows real time monitoring of the whereabouts of any of the RR companions included in the RRCompanionVault.esm master file. Simply select the companion tracking menu, and then choose which companion(s) you wish to track. You may select multiple single entries, or track all at once. Each entry selected adds an entry to the Quests tab of your Pip-Boy. Selecting this entry will display a map marker, showing the location of the indicated companion(s). The marker is set to ignore locked doors, where pathfinding is concerned. If you wish to no longer track a companion, return to the Guards' terminal, again select the tracking menu, and choose "End All Tracking". This will remove all tracker quests, and their accompanying markers. Tracking quests can be removed and re-added as many times as you like; there is no limit. Note: Because of the nature of quest generation in Fallout 3, this system will NOT work directly for your custom companions. However, if you'd like to create a tracking entry for your custom companion plugin, post a comment or PM me, and I can give you instructions on how to do so.

-Chloe Boucher. Chloe is a merchant, who has moved herself and her crew into the access tunnels. She'll sell you a WIDE variety of equipment and supplies; including, but not limited to: Weapons, armor, chems, a full set of schematics, a custom .44 Magnum revolver, and ammunition. She will also sometimes carry power armor. Chloe always stocks scrap metal and lockpicks. Chloe's inventory is categorized. When speaking to her, choose a category to view that type of item in her inventory.

Chloe has a substantial stock of caps. Though only 25000 will show in the barter window because of a bug in the Fallout 3 engine, she has a reserve of bartering currency that's moved to and from her main inventory via script. Closing the barter window and opening it again will allow the script to work, and replenish her stash.

Because of the nature of the multi-container setup she has for buying and selling, items that you sell to Chloe will be available to purchase back in all category optiions, until you leave the cell. Once you leave and reenter the cell, her "general" container is emptied, and your sold items will no longer be available for repurchase.

As well, Chloe sells limited edition Vault-Tec bobbleheads. She has one complete set, and will be willing to part with them for low, low prices. Don't forget to bring along your first born, and possibly extra arms and legs. Bobbleheads are not purchased from a barter window, and are instead bought via dialog. Once your purchase is made, the appropriate safe will open on the shelves next to Chloe's desk. You can then retrieve the bobblehead within. Because the bobblehead is collected normally, acquiring them in this way is fully compatible with any mods your run that change the points or effects a bobblehead gives.

V. *Plugins:

One of the great strengths of the RR system is its modular nature. With a simple plugin addition, you change any number of things: NPCs, weapons, armor, contents of the supply system, attacks on the vault, even the furniture and decorum.

Included in the same archive as the main master are a number of these.

-RR5MoreFemales.esm - This plugin does what it says, and adds five new female NPCs to vault 1. Useful only as a means of populating the vault.

-RR5MoreMales.esm - Same thing, except this one adds five men. RR5MoreFemales and RR5MoreMales can be run simultaneously.

-RRGuards.esm - Adds several male and female guards to the Vault 1 cell, who will patrol, guard, watch, and use their combat shotguns to lay the smack down on anyone hostile who comes into the vault.

-RRWastelandPosters.esp - This one adds several posters to the walls around the Vault. It uses the standard game posters, so if you have a poster replacer installed, it'll show on these, too. I personally use one full of the works of Luis Royo.

Other plugins:

There are numerous other plugins for the RR system.

-RRQuests, by ttomwv - this one adds a quest to Vault 1, requiring you to obtain some deuterium to power the vault reactors. It was intended to be the first stage in a MUCH larger quest, but alas ttomwv decided to retire from modding FO3 before he had the chance to take it any further.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RRUMPA, by ttomwv - "This one adds support for Umpas Animation Plugin. To use it Download and install Umpas Mod. Download this plugin and load it last. Turn on the music from the office terminal. Then go to the party menu on the terminal and start the party. This will enable several areas in the upper floor as dance zones. Give the actors some time and soon you'll have them dancing all over. Quite fun. When done go to the terminal and choose stop party. If anyone gets stuck just talk to them and they will go to normal." Works fine, as far as I know, but I was never a fan.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR Companion Vault 20thCW Supply, by me - this one adds 20th Century weapons and CALIBR ammo to the Vault 1 supply system, as well as to Chloe's inventory.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR Companions Vault Follow Distance Plugins, by me - Contains four plugins that reset the companions to follow at a distance of 100, 200, 250, or 300; rather than their normal 150. 150 has proven to be the best combination of keeping the companions close, but not overcrowding you. If you want more or less distance, though, here you go.

As of v5.64 these are included in the master archive.

-RR Companion Vault Attackers, by me - this one adds a set of Raider and Feral Ghoul spawns to the Vault 1 access tunnels.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR Vanilla Companion Integration, by me - This one is similar to the vanilla companion firing fix listed below, except that it also modifies the vanilla followers' wait packages, to allow them to sandbox when told to wait. Intended mostly around Vault 1, but they should sandbox in the vast majority of cells.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR Vault 1 No Automatic Doors, by me - This was made mostly for my own personal game, but I figured others might find it useful, too. It removes the activators that trigger the automatic opening and closing of the sliding doors in Vault 1. Changes nothing else. Note: Refurbished reportedly adds some extra door activators to the vault. This plugin does not affect those, and because Refurbished is not a master file, a version of the plugin cannot be written to do so.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR No Vault 1 Protectrons, by me - This plugin removes those every annoying and unreliable Protectrons from the Vault 1 guard house. Also disabled their terminals. Does not affect standard game protectrons in any way.

Can be downloaded from the RR Companions Vault main file entry, under "Optional Files"

-RR_Refurbished, by Fry1969: This one is a huge mod. A complete re-envisioning of Vault 1's interior, into a warmer and more contemporary style. I always thought it looked like a hunting lodge from one of the British Colonies, circa early 20th century. Popular, and with good reason.


-RR Residents Refurbished-Lings Edition, by Fry1969: A beautification of the default inhabitants of Vault 1, using clothing and other resources from Ling's Finer Things.


-RR Guards Refurbished-Lings Edition, by Fry1969: Similar to the above mod, except this one alters the vault guards from the RRGuards plugin.


-NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, by me - this one came about because I thought the base Vault 1 decor was too drab, but Refurbished didn't suit me. Not yet as extensive as Refurbished, but it's a pretty hefty overhaul. Remodels the vault to use lots of marble tile and pillars. Also adds lights that can be turned on and off.


-RR Companions Vault Alternate Guards, by me - This one adds eight new guards to the Vault. While they are not necessarily stone hotties, they are in my opion VAST improvements over the ones in RRGuards. This plugin and RRGuards CAN be run simultaneously, but don't blame me if your computer tries to murder you in your sleep for making it render too many NPCs at once.


-Nos' RR Companions, by me (duh) - This one is my baby. What got me modding FO3 in the first place, and really brought me to ttomwv's attention. It adds ten new companions using the RR system to various places in the wasteland. Companions are somewhat diverse, and have personalized comments, armors, and responses.


-RR Vanilla Companions, by me - In my usual overreaching style, this one is a biggie. This is a series of plugins, rather than a single mod, and creates copies of various and sundry wasteland NPCs for you to take as companions, make live in the vault, or whatever. I'm not here to judge. Best part is that because they're copies, and not the original NPCs, sending them to live off in Vaultlund won't break any quests, and the originals are still there to be merchants or keep quests together or whatever it is they do.


-Bernie Companion, by NeilUK02 - The first non-NosCo companion for the RR system to be uploaded to the Nexus (so far as I know). Bernie is a sniper-girl, and a redhead. What more need be said?


-Brooke Companion, by NeilUK02 - Another companion from the talented NeilUK02. Not a redhead this time, but still a cutie. Again, recommended.


-Ariana Companion, by NeilUK02 - Number three from the talented mister UK02. Ariana is a 'sister' to Amata, and comes with a quest, even.


-'Offer You Can't Refuse' Companion, by NeilUK02 - Male companion. I think it's a Godfather thing, but I'm a heathen and never watched it, so I have no idea.


-More Residents for RR Companion Vault/Taking Over Vault 1, by NeilUK02 - This adds eleven new NPC residents to Vault 1, and includes a quest to explain how you took possession of the vault.


ElrawielRRCompanions, by Elrawiel - Adds two new companions, weapons, and a backstory. Seems like one heck of a 'first effort', to me.


Vault 101 Security Companion, by Elrawiel - Adds a companion to Vault 101. Has the slight downside of requiring you to play the tutorial to get him, but in the process plugs one of the rather large plot holes Bethesda left in the main quest.


Shojo Companions, by Herculine - Adds fourteen anime-styled companions, that use the 'Shojo' (young girl) race. Expect heavy cuteness, and no realism. Also includes a fun feature; a radio that allows you to call all fourteen into the vault without having to go recruit them manually. You see, Herculine loves you people more than I do - I make you go recruit companions yourselves.


Chespeake Companion, by Ladydesire - Adds a new female companion for you to Megaton outdoors.


Little Sister Robyn, by Polarbearcub777 - Adds a cute little girl type companion. She can be found inside Vault 1, itself; starting out inside the dormitory rooms.


Herculine's RR Scout Companions, by Herculine - Excuse me a moment, I need to wave goodbye to my top companion monger title. There are two files to this set, one for the base game, and one for DLC owners. Between the two, they add A HUNDRED AND THIRTY individual companions. If I wasn't already an artist at self-deprecation... this one would push me into learning. A massive, and outstandingly done setup - all 130 companions have their own teleporting device to be summoned to your side, no less! - I fully encourage everyone to check this one out.


Polarbearcub777's Kid Companions, by Polarbearcub777 - A second release from Polarbearcub777, this package apparently incorporates the earlier Little Sister Robyn release, and places new, child companions for you in the Muddy Rudder.


VI. *Bugs:

Despite much effort, there are some still floating about.

Companions still stop following occasionally. These "stops" are mostly coded in by Bethesda, and can not be fixed. Areas that do this include: The Washington Monument, Vault 112, and Vault 87. Problems may also be observed in places in the DLC areas. This happens to all followers, so far as I know, and there's little to be done about it.

While not strictly speaking a bug, you should be aware that the Vault 1 cell - especially when loaded down with plugin-added NPCs - can eat a LOT of system resources. This tends to cause problems from low framerates all the way up to CTDs. It is being worked on, but it's simply the nature of the beast, and there will ALWAYS be some issue with it if your PC isn't up to the task.

Running the RR Companions Vault or any of its plugins with FO3Edit's Masterupdate running is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AGAINST. In testing, it has shown to play havoc with any modular set like this one, and will cause numerous problems with doors, furniture, and sometimes even NPCs.

VII. *Installation:

Extract the files to Fallout 3\Data\

Everything should end up in the proper place on its own.

If it doesn't, meshes go into Data\Meshes\RR Vault 1\

Textures go into Data\Textures\RR Vault 1\

Once extracted, apply archiveinvalidation in whatever method you prefer. Open your mod manager of choice, and tick the pretty little box next to RRCompanionVault.esm. Do the same for any others from the archive you've decided to run.

Load order: RRCompanionVault.esm needs to come after any DLC, weapon/armor/clothing masters, or beauty packs you may be running. RR plugins should come after RRCompanionVault.esm, but are otherwise fairly load order insensitive. Refer to individual plugin readmes for more detailed information.

Apparently, there is a bit of a SNAFU surrounding two of the plugins and Refurbished. As I understand it, RRSorters must be run BEFORE RR_Refurbished, with RRQuest loaded AFTER RR_Refurbished. To do otherwise will cause a hole to open in the fabric of space time and doom us all.

Okay, maybe not. It actually has to do with the placement of some items moved by the sorter, and the door that leads to the reactor room in RRQuests. Don't look at me - I just work here.

VIII. *Uninstallaton:

Collect up any items from Vault 1 that you want to save. Collect any items from Guards, Companions, or NPCs inside Vault 1 that you want to save. LEAVE THE VAULT 1 AND VAULT 1 ACCESS TUNNELS CELLS.

Save and exit.

Delete RRCompanionVault.esm, as well as Meshes\RR Vault 1 and Textures\RR Vault 1

Be aware, that once the master is gone, no RR plugins will function, and all your RR companions will be gone. All prisoners will be gone. All items in the vault will be gone.

Attempting to run any RR plugin without the master will result in an instant CTD on game load.

Thanks go out to:

-Bethsoft, for leaving such huge, gaping holes in their games that give modders like me a reason to write this stuff.

-ttomwv for writing the base of this mod, asking me to join the team, and ultimately trusting me enough to leave the vault in my care.

-Sgt Ovakil, for not only helping me track down many bugs now, but also for being kind enough to let me bounce insane modding ideas off him regularly.

-NeilUK02 for being the first person to be kind enough to go to the trouble of sharing his RR system companions with the world.

-Herculine, for continually giving me new modding ideas, and also prodding me with a sharp stick to get me to actually work on them. Although I still hold her responsible for my unleashing my cosmetic pack upon the world.

-Last, but pretty much the opposite of least: my own personal Guardian Angel, for being not only a neverending source of inspiration, but as a talented scripter in her own right.