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14 anime-style Shojo (young girl) companions for Fallout 3 with RR Companion Vault and the Shojo race.

Permissions and credits
Herculine's Shojo Companions v2.0
for Fallout 3
with RR Companion Vault
and Shojo Race


This mod adds a total of 14 anime-style Shojo (young girl) companions to Vault 1 and a few other primary locations (details below), as well as inventory items
(Shojo holotags) unique to each companion which, when added to the player's inventory, instantaneously recall that companion to the player's location.

Shojo Companions and their locations:

Sumi Yoto**Little Lamplight
Fumi Yoto**Little Lamplight
Orochi Sato**Tenpenny Tower
Yumi Lin**Megaton
Mizumi Lin**Megaton
Tsuki Mifune**Rivet City
Seung Noon**GNR Studio
Yeung Noon**GNR Studio
Aya Komatsu**Vault 1 Tunnel
Minh Komatsu**Vault 1 Tunnel
Nuni Tam**Vault 1
Mariko Mei**Vault 1 Tunnel
Kimiko Mei**Vault 1 Tunnel
Kiri Moon**Vault 1

(TIP: If you don't want to/don't have time to gather the girls one at a time from their initial locations, the extra holotags from the box in Chloe Boucher's area
can be used to summon them all even before they have been recruited.)

Version history:

v1.0 - initial release

v1.1 - fixed a minor inventory issue to insure they all have ammo

v1.2 - gave each their own script to improve AI response
removed the visual effects from the radio script

v1.3 - raised each girl's base health to hopefully avoid the "stimpack infinite loop"

v2.0 - 1.) modified each face to give a more human appearance to each girl while retaining their anime cuteness
2.) corrected .esm dependency issues
3.) removed the ham radio completely and created individualized recall items (Shojo holotags)
4.) added to Chloe Boucher's quarters a respawning box of Shojo holotags

versions to come:

Other companions from other custom races?

Installation Process:

Extract all files to c:\program files\bethesda softworks\Fallout 3\data. Overwrite if upgrading from older versions.
(NOTE: If you're using an earlier version of this mod be sure to get any important items from their inventories before installing the
new .esm as it will reset all 14 characters.)

Requirements (other than Fallout 3, of course):

RR Companion Vault by NosRhyfelwr and ttomwv

Shojo Race by eomanv

Hair Pack by YoshikinaKota

Enhanced Children by Kiwi82mx and Team CotW

Bugs and Glitches:

None that I am aware of. Please let me know if you find something.

Contact information:

email: [email protected]
[email protected]
TES/FO3Nexus forum name: Herculine

Special thanks to:

Kiwi and Team CotW

and of course to

Bethesda Softworks!


Please take the time to comment on this mod; it is my first release for FO3. Please help me to continue to
be a productive contributing member of the modding community by letting me
know what you think of my work.

Sincere Thanks,