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A proof of concept mod that merges 5 Megaton Expansion mods. EXTREMELY UNSTABLE.

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REQUIRES ALL DLC... I think, idk tbh

So, i was bored and i really wanted to make Megaton... well, a proper city, so i ended up mergin 5 of the mods i really liked to what it comes to expanding Megaton, proper credits to their original creators!

I am extremely new to modding as a whole, and just did this for fun, i do not intend to take credit for anything in here, although, i'm up for any ideas or fixes this may require, and any kind of help any other modder may suffice, always appreciated.


* Some landscapes outside Megaton overlap with other mods, let me know for any incompatibilities!
* NavMesh inside Megaton is broken and a lot of buildings overlap with each other, please let me know for any building issue or anything.
* Stockolm may sometimes fall from his post and die... Honestly quite the skill issue.

--ORIGINAL MODDERS; Go give them some love <3--

Megaton Expansion Project by @Chemist18
EMM - Expanding Megaton by @shveet
More 2 Megaton by @ndcowdy
Megaton FixUp by @Roborabbit
Lighting Up Megaton by @TeiShadow


Please, for the love of god, just use NMM OR MO2 to download and install, otherwise, just drag and drop into your Data folder inside FO3