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Adding extra life and opportunities to Megaton. Trade, hunt debtors, gain support to become sheriff & protect Megaton from the dangers of the Wastes.
Over 300 lines of voiced & lip-synced dialogue, a variety of repeatable and unique missions, a new type of weapon and lots more buildings and people.

Permissions and credits
Adding extra life and opportunities to Megaton. Trade, hunt debtors, gain support to become sheriff (should the old one die) & protect Megaton from the dangers of the Wastes.
Over300 lines of voiced & lip-synced dialogue, a variety of repeatable and unique missions, a new type of weapon, and lots more
buildings and people.

This mod is getting quite old now and I long ago moved on to playing other games. Thank you for all the great comments I've had from users, hopefully, I'll remember to drop by more often than years in the future.

CAST: big thank you's to:
Jezdamayel: Chloe Murie & Ava O'Brien
MrK: Jacob Kirk
Jay33721: Jimmy (Sparks) Glazier
Nakia: Nana Glazier
MissWilde: Erin
Giskard and The Engineering Guild team: for lots of inspiration and GECK
problems solved.

Klaxon sound from: beachware.com
Crowd ambiance sound from: freesfx.co.uk


You are welcome to create translations or patches of this mod as long as you link back to the original mod. 
Edited versions/ ports may be created and uploaded to allow the mod to work with game conversions (such as Tale of Two Wastelands), where this version would not otherwise be usable.
In all cases, you must ensure that all original contributors are properly credited.


This mod adds a bit more life and interest to Megaton, trying to make it live up to what some of the NPC's say of it; like that it has
everything you'd ever need, has strong walls and strong liquor, is full, and built on trade. It adds quests that start easy for new
characters and build up. Building up trust with the new occupants gives access to further quests and unlocks answers to questions from others quest givers. You can also take over from Simms as Sheriff (should he untimely vacate his role) by gaining popularity in town. 

This is not intended as a run through it once mod, but to run in the background while you're following other quest lines. Repeatable quests intentionally have gaps between to encourage you to go off and do something else.
The walls of Megaton are there to protect it from attackers of all kinds, and NPC's mention manning the walls to defend their town. Town defence quests include a full-out assault by Raiders, the planning for which showed how inadequate the current defences are so they have been improved.
There were quite a few other things I'd had in mind for this mod before being drawn away by other games, so there may be the odd location or quest which looks like it could have gone further, hopefully, that shouldn't spoil your enjoyment of what is included.
Note on voice files: not including voice files & lip sync I feel makes a terribly un-immersive experience. Some users may be disappointed by the quality of the voice files, but I and the other voice actors are not professionals. We didn't get paid to do this, we have put our time and effort free of charge into this project and not everyone can afford to splash out on expensive recording gear for such.


Jimmy's Fix-it Shop: 
+Megaton's resident tecno nerd.
+Offers trade and repairs.
+Provides an EMP robot disabling pistol that has a chance of disabling any robot hit by it (scripted chance based on HP and energy weapon skill)
+Buy manuals on robot maintenance which when read provide levelled perks that allow you to harvest robot components from disabled robots (# of parts increases by perk level).
+Sell robot parts to Jimmy. Once he has 5 of a particular type he can then be paid to build you a working robot, which will follow you around or can be sold onto either of the Brotherhood factions or to Megaton in order to build up its defences. (only one bot allowed in players possession or in construction at once).

Murie's Myco Distillery:
+A source for strong liquor; providing a starter delivery job, some chatter for the player, and trade goods that can be sold to buyers across the wasteland with the help of the Telegraph office.

Sharky's Savings, Loans & Debt Collection Company: 
+Takeout a loan if you're a little short for that new shiny weapon, just be sure to repay in time or Mr. Sharky will come to collect.
+Collect bounties on those who didn't pay up on time currently have two one-off collections and a repeatable one that puts a target in a random trading centre. As you complete more of these, traders start to build up friends. And if you're a real goody two shoes you just might not be cut out for this role and be aware that NPCs may decide to take sides if you start shooting in built-up areas. (quest markers are now provided for these quests to prevent potential frustration).
+Exchange those cumbersome caps (useful if you have a mod installed that gives them weight) for paper promissory notes (mad idea, will never catch on and don't expect interest, they're not a charity).

+Hotel for early game accommodation and storage.
+Provides beds for wasteland traders, scavengers, etc.

+Radio shack that gets about enough of a signal with the main settlements to be equivalent of the old telegraph, allowing for trade missions to be generated. If you have access to trade goods (whiskey & robots) ask Ava and orders will be generated (effectively a series of random repeatable quests).

Sheriff/ Megaton Militia:
+Adds a deputy, a jailhouse, a small range, enable-able robot patrols, and defend-able towers. Not the vanilla one-man crows nests, I haven't touched those at this time as it would conflict with others' efforts and one man up a tower doesn't last long with dozens of raiders coming at them. Defences do include the Common house roof, accessible from its top floor.
+Deputy Doug lets you start to gain votes to become sheriff once Simms is out of the way. Once you get enough support you get access to the armoury, a weekly wage, your own Sheriff's Duster, and some NPCs call you Sheriff (for some of them it's even a compliment).
+Doug also (if you want) gives you repeatable missions to deal with dangerous animals, robots (targets for your EMPulse Pistol), enemy patrols, or a full Raider attack on Megaton (completing these missions adds to your town reputation). If you can't complete these for any reason, talk to Doug to cancel and reset.
+When the main raider attack occurs, a klaxon sounds, the inner gate is locked, the outer gate closes and any able Megatoners are called to defend the walls (this includes Megaton Militia, Megatoners, a couple of Sharky's Thugs, and Jerico as he says he's always first to the walls). If you have sold Doug Robots these will be patrolling outside the walls making the defence easier. There are lots of raiders in this main attack, they will try to find weak spots working their way around the town walls. The odd raider can occasionally become distracted by another target and can wander off to tackle it but will return to moving around the walls shortly (or you can jump down and hunt them like the dogs they are). This raid can put trade caravans at risk so when the Klaxon sounds and they are outside Megaton they are given a package telling them to get to safety inside.

Late Game Clean Ups:
+The pamphlets that appear on Megaton Doors with Broken Steel are not disabled if you deal with those responsible violently. This now disables them once the relevant quest is complete.
+Once the Enclave has been finally defeated there will be a dialogue option with Doug that lets you remove the Enclave camps dotted about the wasteland.

Background Locations
Various extra houses and businesses have been added to make Megaton look fuller.
Generator tower: Megaton had its water explained but not the power, But why is the answer now up a tower, well maintained and hard to access? Well sorry, you still can't find out yet.
KO Ranch: someone is farming brahmin in Megaton.

Decompress then drop the esp file, sounds folder, and textures folder into your Fallout3 directory's Data folder.

Requires Broken Steel

This mod adds to both the interior and exterior of Megaton. The immediate exterior has additions to navmesh, patrols, gate scripts and spawns so will quite likely conflict with mods using this area. The interior has extra buildings so could overlap with other mods making additions and the navmesh has now been modded so will conflict with other mods which do also.

The chances of conflicts of one sort or another with mods to Megaton is high so you might need to make choices.

Compatible with;
Most if not all player home upgrades (M2M doesn't touch it, but there are
a lot of them)

Incompatible with:
Megaton Bridge
Megaton Gate Closes (both change gate script just place the mod you want to
control the gate lower in load order)

Megaton Home
Megaton Park

**06/05/19(1.7) Updated in-game information and quest markers to make quests easier to follow. Removed Moriarty from
being involved in the whiskey quest due to being bug-prone. Tweaked dialogue conditions to make less likely to fail to bring up sheriff options voting options. Re-added option to cancel in-progress defense jobs via dialogue with Doug. Various other tweaks.

Removed several unintentional edits, duplications, and redundant items. Some work on Megaton navmesh. Other minor edits
Raider assault and troublesome robots defence missions added. Defendable wall towers added. When Doug buys robots they now go on patrol. Extra buyers added for whiskey. Can now become Sheriff. Environmental sounds added. Bounty quests bugs fixed.
Loads of voice work added (file format changed to ogg to save space), most dialogue now lip-synced. Random bounty generator added. Telegraph office finds buyers for robots and whiskey. Hotel guests added. First, a few town defence quests were added.
Jimmy'sFix-It Shop added; with scripted anti-robot weapon, learn-able perks to recover components from disabled robots, have robots built and sell them on. Range moved to avoid conflict. Bounty quest stage displays tweaked. Water Pamphlet tweak added.
Voiced Jacob Kirk, new bounty quest added (Shady Dealings), minor fixes.
Added Traders Rest Hotel, just basic function at this point. Also voiced Chloe Murie.