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Plugin to add clipboard paste support, as well as ctrl left/right and backspace/delete to aid typing in console.

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A FOSE plugin adding hotkeys for pasting and enhanced movement/deletion.

  • CTRL V - paste current clipboard to input
  • CTRL C - copy current console input to clipboard
  • CTRL X - clear console input without sending
  • CTRL L - clear console output
  • CTRL Left Arrow - moves caret one word left
  • CTRL Right Arrow - moves caret one word right
  • CTRL Backspace - deletes previous word
  • CTRL Delete - deletes next word 

Additional information:
Paste has a limit of 500 characters. Newline characters are replaced with spaces.

Known vanilla issues: 
  • Game crash if you input more than 512 characters into the console input
  • Unexpected behavior when sending a command of length > 79
  • Typing too many characters leads to the input going off screen

Known mod issues: 
  • Enhanced movement doesn't work ingame when iConsoleVisibleLines has been increased above 25

Recommend pairing with Console Numpad Support (FOSE)

Thanks to carxt for help debugging, jazzisparis for hook code, RoyBatty for ASM help and the TTW community for giving me reason to make the mod :)

Thanks ItsMeJesusHChrist, creator of Consistent Pip-Boy Icons for the shiny icon!

Source: GitHub