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lStewieAl's Tweaks config made by me. Improves performance, provides QOL, but also adds some gameplay changes to improve experience in Fallout 3.

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Hello there, I have created config for lStewieAl's Tweaks that mainly provides quality of life and performance improvements, but also some gameplay changes that in my opinion improve experience in Fallout 3. All the options I have enabled, but also the ones I have left disabled, can be disabled or enabled for your preferences.


Lists of options I have enabled or modified:
bAddRGBSliders = 1 - Add RGB sliders for the main HUD color to the settings menu.
bAllowFiringWhileLanding = 1 - Allows firing weapons while lower body animations are playing.
bBetterAutoWalk = 1 - Moving left or right no longer cancels auto-walk.
bBetterPickupPrompt = 1 - Show the value and weight for a whole stack of items while looting and indicate the weight in red if it would overencumber you.
bCacheQuestAndNoteMenu = 1 Speed up the quest and note menus by only recreating them if your quest/notes state has changed. Should reduce stutters and micro-freezes in quests and notes menu, especially in the later game when you have a lot of notes and quests.
bCompassHeightIndicator = 1 - Use custom icons to show whether an NPC is above or below the player.
bCookableGrenades = 1 - Holding the attack button for grenades decreases their detonation timer you will hear two different sounds indicating detonation.
bDescriptiveMarkerAddedMessage = 1 -  Add the marker location name to the "Marker Added" notification at the HUD.
bDeselectQuests = 1 - Allow deselecting of the active quest in the PipBoy quests tab.
bDontMirrorTexturesInRAM = 1 - Prevents mirroring of VRAM textures in RAM to save memory this will reduce stutters and crashes, especially if HD textures mods are installed. WARNING this option causes a crash if you try ALT+TAB. As a solution, I recommend installing OneTweak But Really Updated mod to make the game run borderless, which allows ALT+TAB or just forget about the existence of ALT+TAB.
bDontShowContainerAfterLockpick = 1 - Stop the container menu showing automatically when opening with lock-pick or a key. Really useful if you also use Loot Menu mod, otherwise I recommend to disable this option.
bFasterHackingTransition = 1 - Decrease the delay after a successful hack by 2.5 seconds.
bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug = 1 - Fixes a bug in the Enhanced Camera mod where the player would sink into the ground when changing from first to third person.
bHideInvisibleUndiscoveredLocations = 1 - Only show unvisited locations on the compass if they are marked on the map. Exploration is more satisfying if you actually find the location yourself, rather than seeing it on a compass.
bHUDShowRegionNames = 1 - Show interior cell names in the HUD region text where the 'Capital Wasteland' text is.
bIgnoreCompanionsVATS = 1 - VATS does not target companions.
bImprovedHacking = 1 - improves various aspects of the Hacking minigame like prevent clicks on single characters.
bInstantContinueButton = 1 - Skip the "Continue from your last saved game?" prompt when clicking continue game.
bKeepHolotapePlayingWhenSelectingOtherNotes = 1 - Don't stop the current holotape when viewing other notes.
bKeepPipboyLightOnCellChange = 1 - Retain the Pip-Boy light status when entering an exterior cell.
bKeepXPBarWhenClosingMenus = 1 - Don't hide the XP bar when closing menus e.g. when hacking/lockpicking.
bListMissingModsOnLoad = 1 - List missing mods in the "Content is Missing" popup when loading a save.
bNoInteriorBlackLoadingScreen = 1 - Remove the black loading screen when loading an interior cell, and prevent actors being faded in.
bNoPlaceMarkerPopup = 1 - Removes the Place/Remove Marker prompt when placing markers on the map.
bNoSkillBooksAbove100 = 1 - Prevent consumption of books if skill level is already at 100.
bNoSkillTags = 1 - Remove the skill requirement prefix(Speach, Barter, perk names etc.) from dialogues. Dialogues now looks like in Fallout and Fallout 2, where you don't know if you have enough points of a required skill to pass, and you don't know that the dialogue requires a skill. After using the dialogue you will still see "success" or "failed".
bNoXPBarInCombat = 1 - Delay XP popups till the end of combat.
bPatchHeapSize = 1 - Increase the initial heap size helps performance in containers.
bQuestTextVisibleWhileAiming = 1 - Don't hide the quest/location added text while aiming.
bQueueSemiAutoShots = 1 - Significantly improve semi-auto weapons by queueing a shot if clicking in the last 700ms of the anim, and fix a bug where they wouldn't fire if clicking at the end of the anim.
bRemoveDownloadsButton = 1 - Remove the useless downloads button from the main menu.
bShowWeaponAmmoUseInMenus = 1 - Show the amount of ammo a weapon uses per shot, e.g. Tri-Beam MF Cell x 3.
bTickFix = 1 - Fixes the 59hz microstutter bug.
iHeapSizeInMB = 512
bRemoveRCSafeGuard = 1 - Removes an unnecessary critical section to improve performance.

Download with Mod Organizer 2 and activate. Or if you don't want to clutter your modlist, download manually, in Mod Organizer 2 click open mod folder, find the Stewie Tweaks folder and open it and extract the content from the rar to the Stewie Tweaks folder.