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Adds Skeletons to the DC wasteland.

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Mod adds skeletons to many locations throughout the wasteland. Some are friendly, some will shoot you on site Others may be ignoring you and doing their own thing. They level with the player and can be dangerous. They have a random weapon so it could be a endgame weapon they are firing at level 1 or a BB gun at endgame levels.

FNV version is also available. TTW version is available with the FNV version.

I made this an esm mod so if you do not like a skeleton at X location you can make a plugin that disables the offending skeleton. If you think they are overpowered, make a plugin that weakens them. Want them to use the weapons leveled instead of random? add the levels to the level lists in a plugin. Want to make a playable race? make a plugin. Did I put one in the abandoned house cell you made your house mod with and now it's making a mess of your interior, make a plugin that disables it. Those reasons and more are why I chose to make this an esm mod. You may make addons and plugins that modify this mod and upload your esp anywhere you want as long as it requires my esm from here. I would love to see what changes are made or what you add so please post a link in the comments.

The mod has been cleaned of all dirty edits, no locations were changed but several creatures were disabled in a few interiors. If a quest stops working and you think it was this mod that broke it... Sorry but nope wasn't this mod unless it was one of the disabled creatures that was a quest target and none of them were vanilla quest targets.

Mod does not require any DLC or any other mod.

Uses 3 Umpa dance animations because dancing skeletons are funny, they are included. If it asks to overwrite them you can say yes or no, it doesn't matter I didn't change them and if another mod did then you probably want to keep theirs.

Lore Friendly? Yes they are! Bethesda added NVDLC03SkeletonAvg "Y-17 Animatronic Lab Skeleton" in an FNV mod Though I don't remember seeing those and mine are not based on them. I didn't even know they existed until I had mine done and distributed. I used the clutter skeleton and added green glowing eyes. Consider them escaped lab skeletons or ghouls that fully rotted away. I don't care lol.

V1.01 Changes.
Added the friendly Skeletons to friendly factions so they do not become hostile. (Bethesda bug)
Changed it to an esp so the skeletons bodies match the heads (Bethesda bug)

To update delete SkeletonsFO3.esm and install then enable SkeletonsFO3.esp.

Umpa for the dance animations
Emma for the forums used for Beta testing
Sniffles for beta testing and ideas.

My other mods....


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