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Looking for a mod that focuses on the essentials of realism changes? You've come to the right place! I designed Simple Realism to be, well, simple! What this means is, I didn't try to overdo and nitpick over every little gameplay change but I focused on what I consider to be the essentials. I haven't modified any weapons, armors, or locations to ensure maximum compatibility with other mods (I have a huge list that I use, so this was important for me.) This mod is meant to feel like a more immersive experience from the get-go instead of a mod, I didn't want to add new gameplay mechanics, just fine tune the existing ones.

If you're looking for the short description it is this:

+ Everyone dies faster
+ Weapons are more deadly
+ You are no longer an invincible superhero
+ There isn't an endless supply of ammo and stimpaks

Just try it out for yourself! It's a small file, but it adds a lot to the immersion and fun of the game in my opinion.




The following list is for Simple Realism 2. Please check out the Changes tab for a full list of the modified and new modules in Simple Realism 3.

I'm going to try and go into detail over every change I have made, why I changed it, what you can expect from it, and the editor ID so that you can open up FO3Edit and modify it yourself if you so choose!

Here is the list:

Increased Weapon Damage - *Updated* (fDamageSkillBase, fDamageSkillMult, fAVDMeleeDamageStrengthMult)

Weapon skill base is the default amount of damage you do with a weapon at 0 skill points. Originally, it was .5 so that would be 50% of the weapon's listed damage. SkillMult increased it according to your weapon skill. This was .5 so that you did 50% more damage at 100 weapon skill adding up to a total of 100% of weapon damage. I have changed this to 1.25 and .75 respectively. This means that at 100 weapons skill, you will doing x2 the damage listed on the weapon (it shows up on the pipboy). This also affects NPCs! So now, getting shot by a raider is a much more serious situation, no steamrolling the poor souls at springvale school, you must use cover to your advantage if you want to survive. I also increased the melee damage strength multiplier from .5 to .9. I thought strength did a pathetic amount of addon damage to melee weapons. Once again, this affects NPCs and it stacks with the weapon skill changes, so getting hit by a sledgehammer is going to feel like you actually got hit by a sledgehammer!

Reduced Carrying Weight (fAVDCarryWeightsBase, fAVDCarryWeightMult)

It seemed a bit unreasonable that you could carry so much stuff in the base game. Obviously, there is a limit to how much realism you can have before it stops being fun, and fallout 3 has a lot of unrealistic things in it, it's a video game after all! I changed the Base from 150 to 80, this means the minimum carry weight is 80 instead of 150(!). Mult has been changed from 10 to 15 to increase the importance of strength in carrying weight but still keep it at a reasonable level. At 1 Strength, you will have 95 carry weight, and at 10 you will have 230, vanilla settings had 250 as the max amount of carry weight you could have without perks or modifiers so it comes pretty close but it makes SPECIAL seem a bit more, well, special!

Rebalanced Health - *Updated* (fAVDHealthEnduranceMult, fAVDHealthLevelMult)

This goes well with increased weapon damage to make it easier to kill, and be killed. Endurance Mult obviously dictates how much health you get with each point of endurance. This has been kept at 20 but it the entry shows up in FO3Edit so that you can modify if you so choose. Level Mult has been lowered from 10 to 5. Base health is unchanged from 100. Vanilla health at level 1 endurance 1 was 130 and at level 30 endurance 10 it was 600(!!!), seems a tad excessive to me. The new formula is at endurance 1 level 1 you get 125 health and at endurance 10 level 30 you get 450 hit points, close to 1/3 of the original formula. Once again, this is true for all NPCs because they all have SPECIAL stats and levels. *New In v2* While creatures have SPECIAL stats, they aren't so affected by the formulas as humans and ghouls are. I have modified the boss-like creatures of the wasteland to more reasonable levels. The Super Mutant Overlord has been lowered from 1250 to 720, twice the health of the super mutant master; Super Mutant Behemoth changed from 3000 to 1440, twice the super mutant overlord's health; Feral Ghoul Reaver changed from 1100 to 480, twice the health of the glowing one; Albino Radscorpion changed from 1500 to 700, twice the health of the giant radscorpion; and for Mart's Mutant Mod users I have changed the Super Mutant Gigantor from 5000 to 2880, twice the behmoth's health.

Increased Damage Resistance (fMaxArmorRating)

Synergizes well with power armor overhaul mods like TUPAM. Changed from 85% maximum to 95% maximum, good armor is more important and much more effective!

Increased Radiation (fRadiationAccumulationRate, fWadeRadiationDamageMult, fSwimRadiationDamageMult)

No longer a nuisance, radiation will make you consider loitering around nuclear waste locations and swimming in the rivers. Honestly, radiation was pretty pathetic beforehand and was a gameplay mechanic that you could ignore like karma. Accumulation rate has been changed from 1 to 3 which means if you got 3 rads per second, you now get 9! WadeMult has been changed from .1 to .4 and swim changed from .1 to .8. Completely submersing yourself in radioactive water is never a good idea.

Fall Height Realism - *Updated* (fJumpFallHeightMin, fFallLegDamageMult)

People die from 20 foot falls all the time! And if they don't, you can be sure they broke something. Also, considering how much you are carrying around with you, it isn't unreasonable that you would consider the stairs instead of just jumping off a building. Previous FallHeight number was 600, I've lowered it to 350. In my testing, this means that you will now take damage when you fall from the second story entrance to springvale school to the first floor, not a ton, but you will get hurt. Leg damage multiplier was something pathetic like .5 or something. I've changed it to 10! It seems to work just right, you will now damage your legs by a significant amount if you fall from a high spot. If ingame this seems unreal, you have to realize that the field of vision of humans is something like 160 and ingame it is around 70. This means that things don't look so big and falls don't seem so daunting. Try standing next to the pillar supporting the second story ledge at springvale school in third person, what looked like a 5 foot drop in first person is actually somewhere around 16 feet. I would recommend changing the FOV when you play, personally I have it set at 90, just open up console by hitting ` and type in fov 90.

Grenade and Explosive Changes - *Updated* (under the Explosion category in FO3Edit all of the explosions changed have the victory rifle knockdown effect (except for plasma, pulse, and cryo) and increased radius, under the Projectile category, increased speed for all grenades)

When something blows up in real life, it's usually pretty deadly and actually has force. Grenades were pathetic in vanilla gameplay! You could detonate a grenade close to a raider and he would be unscathed, and if he were hit, it did almost nothing to him. Well, now if you or anyone else gets hit by an explosive (except for pulse and plasma) you WILL get knocked off your feet. Also, if you threw a grenade in vanilla fallout 3 it landed about 5 feet in front of you. I don't know of anyone that weak in real life who could only throw a grenade 5 feet. Increased explosion radius for frag grenades from 450 to 650. I increased the speed from 1200 to 2000 all grenades to a more respectable distance, this means that you will throw the grenades farther. I didn't want to increase too far, otherwise you might never hit your target. Since this changes some projectiles and explosions, I have included an EVE (Energy Visuals Enhanced) compatiblity version that also changes the shredder grenade to speed 2000.

Stimpaks Changed (Ingestible tab, Stimpak)

Stimpaks are amazing aren't they? You can spam a hotkey and never die in a firefight; well, not so anymore. Stimpaks now heal over time like this: 6 health for 5 seconds so the overall health is still 30, but you won't be able to bum rush supermutants anymore, take cover and regain your health! The Fast Metabolism perk has also been changed to accomodate this and do what it's name suggests, make stimpaks faster! You now heal 12 health for 3 seconds so the health values are the same, but it heals faster. IMPORTANT: If you use a stimpak on a crippled limb or a damaged limb it will heal over time, but ONLY one at a time. That means this: if you crippled both legs you can only heal one at a time and if you try to heal both at the same time, it will only heal the first one you clicked on and you will have effectively wasted a stimpak. A message will appear once the stimpak healing has ended and at that time it is safe to heal the next crippled limb. It's probably a bug with the game, but it actually adds to the realism in my opinion.

Loot is Rarer (Leveled Item category in FO3Edit)

I didn't want to make this too difficult, but because stimpaks are more important due to less health and guns kill a lot faster, I wanted to make it more difficult to find stimpaks, chems, and bullets in the game. Placed items haven't been touched, only loot lists, that means you won't find 100 5.56 bullets in a metal box in DC. After 200 years, you expect people to scavenge most stuff, right? I tried to make everything half as likely to appear, and now the lists that were previously GUARANTEED to appear have a 25% chance to not appear at all. One of the changes in this that I did was to change two containers in vault 101 when you start the game. When you first started, you could get something like 15 stimpaks and over 200 10mm bullets. I have changed the stimpaks in the first aid box in your room from 10 to 5 and only 1 stimpak, 1 mentat, and completely removed the 120 10mm bullets in the overseer's metal cabinet. Don't worry, you will still have plenty of stuff to get you ready for the wasteland when you leave, in my testing I exited with 7 stimpaks and about 80 10mm bullets after searching everything.

Crippled and Burning Effect Changes - *Updated* (HeadCrippleEffect, fMoveOneCippledLegSpeedMult, fMoveTwoCrippledLegsSpeedMult, fCombatCrippledTorsoHitStaggerChance, and EnchFlamerBurning, respectively)

Made the inconvenience of getting your head crippled a lit bit more serious, instead of losing 4 perception you lose 7 and additionally you lose 25 action points. When one of your legs is crippled, you move at 60% of your speed and when both are crippled you move at 30%. Previously, with one leg crippled it was 85% and two was 75%...seriously? If both of my legs are crippled in real life, I'd be crawling on the ground, not sprinting away! Crippled chests are now going to stagger you or the opponent 90% of the time instead of only 65%. The burning effect from the flamer now has a special feature which I have actually wanted to implement for some time: when you set people on fire, they flee! I'd imagine that in a realistic situation, being set on fire might cause one to panic and run from being further torched. The damage has been reset to the normal 2 dps for 5 seconds because of this addition and this effect also affects the Broken Steel flamers.

Skill Point Changes - *Updated* (iLevelUpSkillPointsBase, iSkillPointsTagSkillMult)

Getting into a bit of RPG changes, I thought it would be a good idea to make it more like New Vegas where you couldn't have 100 points in everything, but instead needed to focus on a few essential skills to actually roleplay effectively. Skill points base changed from 11 to 6, this means that at 1 intelligence you will only get 7 skill points to distribute instead of 12 and at 10 intelligence you get 16 instead of 21. This means that if you start out with 10 intelligence, you will have a total of 494 skill points to put into things instead of 609. To counteract this a bit, I changed the tag skill mult to 2 so now for every 1 point you put into your tag skill, it actually raises it by two, in other words if you put 5 points into a tagged skill, it is now 10. This is how it was in the original fallout and I think it finally makes TAG'd skills mean something, even the TAG perk has a use now! Additionally, the Luck skill raises ALL skills by 1 point for each point in luck that you have. In the original game, it required two luck points before raising all skills by 1.

Level Up Slower (iDiffMultXPVE, iDiffMultXPE, iDiffMultXPN, iDiffMultXPH, iDiffMultXPVH)

There is a lot of stuff you can find and do in Fallout 3, but I found that I got to level 30 too quickly and it didn't give me time to experience everything, I was the ultimate character in the wasteland in a very short amount of time. To make sure that there would be no bugs with this or unnecessary changes, I simply changed the amount of experience points you get to 50% of normal for each gameplay mode. This means that gameplay difficult will only change combat difficulty and not experience points earned.

Barter Has a Use - *Updated* (fBarterBuyBase, fBarterBuyMult, fBarterSellBase, fBarterSellMult)

The barter skill was IMO the most pointless skill in vanilla fallout 3 except for maybe science. I changed the buy base from 1.55 to 1.7, and the mult from -0.45 to -0.7. This means before at a barter skill of 0, you would buy items at 155% of the item value and at 100 barter skill you would buy at the items listed price. This has changed to be a little bit more extreme so that you buy at 170% of the items price at 0 barter, BUT at 100 barter skill you only buy at 100% or the listed value of the item. Selling prices are changed similarily: base changed from 0.45 to 0.25 and mult from 0.45 to 0.75. Before, you would be selling your item at 45% of the value at 0 barter skill and only 90% of the value at 100. Now you sell at only 25% of the value at 0 skill, but you sell for the full price at 100 barter skill.

The bottom line is this: more realistic gameplay and less of the invincible God-like lone wanderer.

I realize that not all of these changes might be to everyone's liking, this is why I included the editor ID and where to find it when you open up the file in FO3Edit.




Excellent mods in my opinion, try them out for yourself!

Kill Reactions - RKR Enhanced by africaisstarving

Works best in conjunction with

Stealth Kills Enabled by Attentater5

Weight Rebalance by ultimatheone

Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon

Sprint Mod by Lork

DK_BulletTime by dunderklumpen

Impervious Power Armor by TheTalkieToaster

NPCs Travel by win2009




I have included ReadMe's in each folder for version 2 and 3 of this mod. If you have installed any other mod before, then you won't face anything new with this, I tried to go for a no-frills approach to everything.

The Full Package mods require all DLC's. (I thought about making versions of the Full Package mods that don't require both or only require one or the other, but that turned out to be more work than it was worth to me. Because Fallout 3 came out 5 years ago, I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T have all of the DLC's. If you do not have the DLC's, then you should use the modular installation method because I have included versions of the modules that don't require DLC's)

To uninstall, just uncheck and delete the esp('s), easy-peasy




I've included an EVE specific esp that I have only tested with the PI Mergers version of EVE. It should work with the standard version too however, as it only requires the esm to function.

I use MMM, EVE, RH_Ironsights, WMK, Project Reality and a load of other huge mods and I have no problems with any of them. This mod was designed to work well with others except for mods that change the specific settings I have mentioned above.




Bethesda of course for making this amazing game in the first place and the GECK.

Dark0ne for the nexus sites.

ElminsterAU for the absolutely essential FO3Edit.

Belgianfox for Realistic Bullet Speed.

MattyDienhoff for Increased Weapon Jamming.

Ginnungagap for Shells Rain.

Ian Patterson (ianpatt), Stephen Abel (behippo), and Paul Connelly (scruggsywuggsy the ferret) for the amazing Fallout Script Extender.

Please note: I have used no resources or original content from anyone else for this mod. The credited authors are listed for their mods that inspired additions in version 3 of Simple Realism.