Fallen Enchantress

About this mod

XtraDeconstruct expands LH in a myriad of ways. Fully compatible w/ LH 2.2, Children of Storm, Black Market Bazaar, Champion Bonanza, and more.

Permissions and credits



  • LH 2.2, all DLC, Children of Storm (CoS), Black Market Bazaar (BMB), Champion Bonanza (CB)...
  • See "Posts" Tab

  • Additionally, note that current version of FELH (2.2) shows up as 2.1 in-game (but is, indeed, version 2.2)
  • Finally, while the mod is compatible w/ FELH 2.3 Beta, I do not recommend playing that version of FELH

XtraDeconstruct 2.2

New Abilities!
  • New Trained Unit Traits
  • New Sovereign Talents
  • New Sovereign Weaknesses
  • New Faction Strengths
  • New Faction Weaknesses
  • New Injuries
  • New General Path Abilities
  • New Sovereign Professions
New Paths!
  • Path of the Bard
  • Path of the Ranger
  • Path of the Shaman
  • Preloaded w/ Path of the Gravelord (by Dhuran)
  • Preloaded w/ Path of the Paladin (by D. Elliot Lamb)
  • Preloaded w/ Path of the Sorcerer (by D. Elliot Lamb)
  • Revamped Path of the Assassin
  • Revamped Path of the Commander
  • Revamped Path of the Defender
  • Revamped Path of the Mage
  • Revamped Path of the Warrior
New Spells!
  • New Strategic Spells
  • New Tactical Spells
  • AI Only Spells
  • Mass Faction Spells
  • Mass Army Spells
New Items
New Events (Hidden/Research)
New Techs (and new Tech Trees)
New Improvements
New Wonders
New Resources
New Factions and Sovereigns
New Treaties

Additional Map Settings
Compatibility File for Black Market Bazaar
Compatibility File for Champion Bonanza
Compatibility File for Children of Storm
Fixed Wildlands
Revamped AI Priorities
Revamped DLC04 - The Dead World
Revamped DLC05 - Leader Pack
Revamped User Interface (.dxpack)