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An army of new champions to invade your LH games, to level up or slap around. Includes 3 new quests and 2 random events.

Permissions and credits
Champion Bonanza for Legendary Heroes

- "I weave the material for the outfit of your doom." (Mhoorsh, Spider Demon Queen)
- "I thirst for a life of eating and being served while lying on a mountain of cushions." (Lobrubrah, Troll Shaman)

Version 1.3 compatible with LH 1.8

304 champions to add to your Legendary Heroes games to play in the sandbox with the official ones (269 original champions and 35 by Stardock).

- Updates all of the 114 "Custom Champions Collection" units to LH standards
- Adds 155 new champions
- Adds the 35 "missing" Fallen Enchantress Champions created by Stardock and used by kind permission
- Features 14 new monster champions such as Vaglutta (Assassin Demon), Cernulnos Stoneheart (Sand Golem) and Lobrubrah (Troll Shaman)
- Includes 3 new quests which give... (try guessing )... champions as a reward (bet you didn't see that one coming) and two random events with two unique monsters (mean and hungry of course).
- Also includes "Pillagers, Miscreants and Villains", an optional mini monster mod (6 new monsters and 5 monster lairs).


Extract the contents of the .zip file and place each folder as follows:

- Champion Bonanza ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods

- Champion Bonanza Medallions ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods/Gfx

Don't forget to "enable mods" and start a new game.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: the file ChampionBonanzaDLC02.xml adds 6 champions with features from the Quest Pack DLC. Use this file ONLY if you have the DLC installed, otherwise the very foundation of the universe might be put in jeopardy.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: the file ChampionBonanzaDLC04.xml adds 16 champions with features from the Dead World DLC. Use this file ONLY if you have the DLC installed, otherwise angry Undead types might come after you and yours.

To uninstall, simply delete the two folders.

For Pillagers, Miscreants and Villains (optional install):

- Pillagers Miscreants and Villains --> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods

- Pillagers Miscreants and Villains Icons --> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods/Gfx

To uninstall, simply delete the two folders.

ALTERNATE INSTALLATION If you'd rather not run this as a mod:

Extract the contents of the .zip file and place each element into its appropriate folder:

- ChampionBonanza.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Units

- ChampionBonanzaDLC02.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Units - (once again use this additional file ONLY if you have the Quest Pack DLC installed).

- ChampionBonanzaDLC04.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Units - (once again use this additional file ONLY if you have the Dead World DLC installed).

- FallenEnchantressChampions.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Units

- The 15 .png medallions (example Medallion_Forgeron.png) ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Units/Icons(required for the monster champions or they won't have a portrait)

- BonanzaQuests.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Quests

- BonanzaEvents.xml ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Quests

To uninstall, just delete all the files.


Once the files have found their new home, restart the game and get ready for an invasion of new champions. No game rules are changed, it's only additional content.

The purpose of this mod is only to add diversity to the game and isn't meant to upset any sort of balance. The new champions should have the same number of abilities as their official counterparts. So typically:

Level 1: 2 skills, very rarely 3
Level 3: Path + 2 skills, rarely 3
Level 5: Path + 4 skills, very rarely 5
Level 7: Path + 6 skills, very rarely 7
Level 9: Path + 9 skills

Champions who don't have a blood type which gives bonuses (i.e. Altarian Blood) get a few more abilities to compensate (Elemental, Twisted, Undead..).
Some champions don't follow their skill tree to the letter and get access to some abilities a bit sooner, usually to fit a specific theme. In the majority of cases, they are dead end skills anyway. Hey, if the official champs can do it, so can these new guys and gals. :)

I've uploaded a list of all the champions in the image section with their stats (minus the equipment because I'm... well just because). Color blue for the version 1 champions, sickly greenish color for the 1.1 recruits and tangerine (ha) for the 1.2 rookies.

Optional files:

- Champion Bonanza compatible with Children of Storm

- Champion Bonanza compatible with Patchwork Mod. Many thanks to Webusver/Gif77list for his vision and patching magic.

- Champion Bonanza compatible with Patchwork Mod AND Children of Storm. Also works with Demons and Wizards (requires Webusver's compatibility patch to be found on the Patchwork Mod page).

Ok I think I'm done, hope you enjoy.