Fallen Enchantress

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    IF a mod is NOT listed here, it is NOT compatible

    XtraDeconstruct 3.0 (18 January 2022)

    Main File
    Compatible w/ LH 3.0
    Compatible w/ all DLC (Requires Compatibility Files in most cases)

    Compatibility Files required
    Black Market Bazaar 2.1
    Champion Bonanza 1.3
    Children of Storm 1.8c

    Preloaded with
    Level 6 and 7 Cities Mod (a.k.a. Alpha Cities)
    Necromancy Revamped (a.k.a. Path of the Gravelord)
    Outpost Upgrades (Revamped)
    Path of the Paladin
    Path of the Sorcerer
    Republic Government

    Likely suitable Mods or partially compatible Mods
    (Note: This is not an endorsement of said Mods)
    Loading Screen Tips 1.1
    Lusher Scenery
    Monument XP
    My packs mods for LH - Texture pack 2v0 for LH
    My packs mods for LH - Improve sounds weapons and monsters 2v0 for LH
    My packs mods for LH - Icons cursors markers 2v1 for LH -option 1-
    My packs mods for LH - Icons cursors markers 2v1 for LH -option 2-
    Triglav National Park
    Ye Old Tavern XP Improvement

    Acronym List
    _D2 or _DLC02: Quest Pack DLC
    _D3 or _DLC03: Loot Pack DLC
    _D4 or _DLC04: The Dead World DLC
    _D5 or _DLC05: Leader Pack DLC
    _D6 or _DLC06: Battlegrounds DLC
    _BMB: Black Market Bazaar Mod
    _CB: Champion Bonanza Mod
    _CoS: Children of Storm Mod
    _NR: Necromancy Revamped Mod
    _PP: Path of the Paladin Mod
    _PS: Path of the Sorcerer Mod
    _RG: Republic Government Mod
    _X or _XD: XtraDeconstruct: Legacy of Magic Mod
    _FE: Fallen Enchantress
    _FELH: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes