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This is a mishmash of Folkvangr, Cathedral Landscapes, Cathedral 3D Pine Grass, Tamrielic Grass and Origins of Forest

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Just a WiP Grassmode / mix by me, not finished but getting to a point where i feel satisfied.


You need to download the following mods from Skyrim Special Edition (Hard requirement)
-Cathedral Landscapes
-Cathedral 3D Pine Grass (Full 3D Coverege + High Poly Green Grass Update)
-Origins of Forest
-Tamrielic Grass
-Rock Grass for ENB Complex Grass
This mod contains esp replacer for Folkvangr and Cathedral Landscapes (mainly to strip them from all worldspace edits since that causes issues with enderal), make sure that you replace those .esp with the ones provided here. When you install the mentioned mods above, pick default on everything. This means no summer tundra, no green riften or anything like that. The load order of the required mods doesn't matter as long as they're loaded and don't overwrite this mod.
So make sure that the files from this mod overwrites everything and is loaded at the very bottom

This mod requires a moderate / highend pc to run without hiccups, don't tell me i didn't warn you..
There's a patch available for ENB's Complex Grass feature which is made by me, and also available on the Special Edition's Nexus site.

Folkvangr - Babmer
Cathedral Landscapes & 3D Pine Grass - DrJacopo
Origins of Forest - Forbeatn
Tamrielic Grass - Ciathyza