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Play as Link from The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess. Full Link replacement or cosplay as him with his outfit and hat. Updated with working cutscene textures.

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UPDATE: Textures should now work properly in cutscenes.

Play as Twilight Princess Link (my personal favorite Link). You have a few options here. You can play as Twilight Princess Link, Twilight Princess Dark Link, or cosplay as either of them. By default, Link/Dark Link replaces the Godrick Knight set. Link's Cap (for cosplaying as him) will replace the Foot Soldier Helmet. If you want to play as Link but have a Dark Link mimic tear, use only the files from Dark Link that end in "_l". And use only the files from Link that DON'T end in "_l".

You can alternatively have it replace another armor set by renaming the files. Simply change the 2390 in the filename to the Model ID of the set you want it to replace. For example, if you rename all the files changing the 2390 to 1570, the Knight set will be replaced instead of the Godrick Knight set. I've included a .txt of all the armor model ID's to help you out. Just CTRL+F and type what you want it to replace.

Big thanks to Hakirya, who made the Link model. She also used resources from BurningEnchanterSegadordelinks, & MoogleOutFitters.
Check out my other mods if you like Zelda stuff. Also, if you use my Master Sword or Hylian shield mod, make sure to get the latest updates because they're way better now!

´╗┐Special thanks to Scrub Milk, and the homies on his discord.

As with all other model replacements:
Place parts folder into mod folder using Mod Engine 2. [Link to Tutorial]
- or -
Use UXM method [Link to Tutorial] and make sure to Disable EasyAntiCheat, then replace my file with the one like it in the parts folder.

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