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Replace your favorite shield with the Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda. Correct handle placement and working cutscene textures. TP or BOTW versions.

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UPDATE: Textures should now work properly in cutscenes.

Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild variants. I prefer and recommend the TP version but I'm leaving the older BOTW version up in case some people prefer that one.

Replaces Blue Crest Heater Shield, but can replace any shield by renaming the "2037" in the file names to the Equip Model ID of the shield you want it to replace. Example: rename it from "wp_a_2037.partsbnd.dcx" to "wp_a_2203.partsbnd.dcx" (and the same for the _l files) if you want it to replace the Brass Shield instead. I've included a .txt of all the weapon model ID's to help you out. Just CTRL+F and type what you want it to replace. You can also have it replace greatshields, but it will just look a bit weird due to the way it is held a lot lower.

Blue Crest Heater Shield can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant located in northwest portion of  Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Bellum Church grace. It costs 1,500 Runes. [Map link]

Pro Tip: Do you miss the added protection of a greatshield but still want to use this model without it looking weird? Change the guard stability in Yapped RuneBear. ;) I put an image up explaining the process.
In Yapped: EquipParamWeapon > Row 31300000 (if using Blue Crest Heater Shield) > Guard Stability (just under Unk92)
Bumping the guard stability to 65, will have it perform as well as a greatshield. 100 is the equivalent of active Barricade Shield (no stamina drain from blocking attacks).

Twilight Princess version: model made by Hakirya and BurningEnchanter. (I think. It's a little unclear who made what but I used Hakirya's TP Link model)
BOTW version: model ripped from Zelda: BOTW

Check out my other mods if you like Zelda stuff. Also, if you use my Master Sword mod, make sure to get the latest update because it's way better now!

First mod ever so hope you enjoy :)

As with all other model replacements:
Place parts folder into mod folder using Mod Engine 2. [Link to Tutorial]
- or -
Use UXM method [Link to Tutorial] and make sure to Disable EasyAntiCheat, then replace my file with the one like it in the parts folder.

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