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Replace your favorite sword with the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

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UPDATE: Fixed issue that caused grease effects to not appear. BIG thanks to AngusIsLove for helping me out with this.

Also updated normal map on sheathe to not be glossy where it shouldn't be.

Replaces Rogier's Rapier by default (cause that's what I'm currently using), but can replace any sword by renaming the files to the Equip Model ID of the sword you want it to replace. Example: rename it from "wp_a_0251.partsbnd.dcx" and "wp_a_0251_l.partsbnd.dcx"  to "wp_a_0550.partsbnd.dcx" and "wp_a_0550_l.partsbnd.dcx" if you want it to replace the Uchigatana instead. 

I've included a text file with the weapon Model IDs to help you out. Just CTRL+F and type what you want it to replace.

Sword model by Yogensia (not ripped from a game). Sheathe model ripped from BOTW.
I darkened the hilt and sheathe from their original colors because I felt it fit better in Elden Ring.

Check out my other mods if you like Zelda stuff. Also, if you use my Hylian shield mod, make sure to get the latest update because there's a Twilight Princess version and it's way better now!

As with all other model replacements:
Place parts folder into mod folder using Mod Engine 2. [Link to Tutorial]
- or -
Use UXM method [Link to Tutorial] and make sure to Disable EasyAntiCheat, then replace my file with the one like it in the parts folder.

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