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The Convergence mod is an exhaustive overhaul of Elden Ring with dozens of new weapons, hundreds of new spells, extensively revamped areas and maps, new enemies, bosses and much more.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Japanese
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Class Based Progression: With 27 new classes, each have their own unique starting location and progression path through the Lands Between.
Boss Resurrection: Relive the epic battles of your favorite bosses.
Remnant Crafting: Craft talismans and physick tears through the grace menu using new crafting materials found in the world.
The Erdtree Network: Go almost anywhere in the world by defeating the local Erdtree bosses and teleporting to your desired location.
Dungeon Overhauls: Many dungeons have been overhauled, tweaked or expanded with more planned for the future.
New Equipment: Hone your arsenal with new weapons for each class and a huge amount of new spells to cast.
New Bosses: Test your new found power against our new and improved foes.
And much more: Check out our Feature List for a comprehensive overview of all our features.

1. Download the Convergence downloader and run the downloader as administrator.
2. Point the download destination somewhere other than your game folder, like your desktop.
3. After it's done downloading and unpacking, navigate into the new ConvergenceER folder and double-click the launchmod_eldenring.bat file to play the mod.

A note about save files:
The mod uses a separate save file location so your vanilla characters will not be available by default. You can remove this feature by either moving or deleting the eldenring_alt_saves.dll from the ConvergenceER folder.
However, if you play the mod with vanilla characters, it will cause lots of bugs and general instability.

Patch Notes Collection
Feature List
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Core Team-Members:
Creative Director - CouchJockey
Database Lead, Systems and Gameplay Designer - TigerG92
Lead Artist and Gameplay Designer - AronTheBaron
Animation and Map Editor - AcetoneEyedrops
Script Lead, Wiki Management and Map Editor - Lord Exelot
Scripter, Map Editor and Icon Artist - Zeno
AI and Programming Lead - SinloreKain

Contributing Team-Members:
Rigging and Cloth Simulation  - Freemathieuroy
Animations - Blubber
Composer - NickPotterMusic
Script Interpreter - sekirodubi
Map Editor and Wiki Editor - Detriax / Canada
Map Editor - Tessa_Kitt

Wiki Team-Members:
Management - Sunbleached Angel
Asharpole, Asnia_Kriptosis, Crispy, 
FelixTheLad, Vahar, Kai0t,
OnionOfPower, Lord_Shmaxx
Lumitko,  Memento, Sagittariod,
Solemn, Sunflower, 

Other Contributors:
Animations - Cleverraptor6
AI - Cyanic
Map Editor - SuperTatchi
Icon Artist - Looker
Icon Artist - Retro
Icon Artist - Skeryboi
Wiki Editor - Ebbn

We'd like to thank some people here:
CarsonDrewIt for making our logo
Nordgaren for ErdTools, BoundingBoxCalc and general assistance
DSMS team for DarkSoulsMapStudio
Pear for FLVER Editor, Icon Automator Pro and NavMeshStudio
Chainfailure for AlternateSaveMod and ReWWise
TomClark for Transmogify Armor
ElaDiDu for the Script Data Exposer
The12thAvenger for FbxImporter, ErClipGen
Grimrukh for Soulstruct
Xylozi for Yabber
TKGP and Xylozi for Yapped
Ivi and Xylozi for the unpacked hks
Meowmaritus for DsAnimStudio
Katalash for Mod Engine and LuaDecompiler
NamelessHoodie for DantelionFxrTool
AinTunez for DarkScript
thefifthmatt for ESDLang
Gomp for ESDStudio
BigBoss for assisting with animation retargeting