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Elden Ring Reborn is a total overhaul in progress. The goal is to touch up on every aspect of elden ring ranging from minor to major changes and adjustments.

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REBORN is a work in progress. So far, the overhaul has seen roughly 1000 hours of hard work as of version 0.16. 

Many Changes to the world, including new enemy placements, new geometry, new masses of land, Shortcuts, buildings, bridges ETC. This provides a new exciting feeling to the world that you probably have not felt since your first time.

Large scale overhaul to spells, ranging from improvements, repurposes, and total overhauls. Balanced % based FP regen system added. The more FP total you have, the faster the regen.
Many various changes to weapon balancing, scaling, stat requirements and much more. This encompasses every single piece of equipment that is slotted into a weapon slot. ALL of them are buffable with any buff you want to apply. You can put affinities on anything as your heart desires. You will find some catalysts to be able to cast both schools of magic. 

○ Bows and arrows reworked The overall speed of arrows has been doubled to make bow combat feel more life-like and satisfying. Overall  bow damage increased by a range of 20%-80%. Very special functionalities added to some arrows, such as glow stone arrows and lure arrows, to give more versatility to bow builds.

Big changes to the ash of war system. Any ash of war on any weapon and many unique weapon skills are available as ashes of war. (O.17) The unique skills are referring to skills like the sword of night and flames "Night-and-Flame stance."  Many ashes of war in the game have seen big changes to their look, feel and power.

Talisman overhaul. All talismans have been adjusted to feel  more signficant through buffs, additional capabilities or new functionalities entirely. 

All new starting classes based on factions of magic and playstyles. Lots of personality and lore friendly. 
Significant changes to stat and leveling system. Less exponentially growing rune requirements per level, overhaul to vigor, endurance, mind and arcane. New system for earning defense through leveling up.

Various changes to balancing in enemies and bosses. Only health and damage changes as of now.

Detailed Descriptions. In depth numbers and color coding system within item and weapon menus to help you better understand the damage and functionalities of weapons and items.

Reduction to Smithing stone requirements to level up regular weapons. Was 2 -> 4 -> 6 (120 stones to reach +25) Is now 1 -> 2 -> 3 (60 stones to reach +25) This was done to help relieve the fatigue of leveling your gear. 

Optional auto material and item pickup, instant rune recovery, map in combat and many other changes. 

Much more already here for you to experience.
So much more yet to come.

Loose road map, in no particular order. Subject to change. 

-Continue to expand and elaborate on features mentioned in the overview.
-add new item placements and replace some. -overhaul weapon type attack animations. 
-new weapon movesets

-add a lite deflect system akin to sekiro
-overhaul much of boss's elements such as hitboxes, animations, projectiles and more.
-add passive effects to (all?) armors.
-add new passive effects to (all?) weapons. 
-enhance catacombs to be more playable and unique and, above all else, more rewarding. Spirit ashes aren't a very worth while reward for every player. 
-edit camera movement functionality when performing certain attacks and when locked in to various enemies. 
-changes to various mechanics and systems in the game
-add custom NPCS
-add a dye system to be added in for armor alterations (up in the air, not likely to be implemented till much later)
-various changes to ai parameters of various enemies and enemy types. Including but not limited to perception and aggression.
-overhaul soundtrack (this will be an optional feature)

New updates will go live every Friday in the evening hours!
For now, update uploads to nexus mods will be coming to a halt.

Join the Elden Ring Reborn discord for more info and steady updates about the mod. 

  Articles on the mod:


1. Download mod engine 2, version 4 -> https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases <- and unpack onto your desktop

2. Unpack the contents of Elden Ring Reborn folder into the main directory of mod engine 2 folder. When it asks to replace, click yes.

3. In the main folder of mod engine 2, click launchmod_eldenring.

Important things to note: 

This overhaul is a long term work in progress, things will often be imbalanced and buggy throughout development, but i will try my best to get things right the first time i add changes.

if you want to talk about issues in balancing, make suggestions and report bugs, i recommend you do that through the discord as i will be much more active there 

The version number isn't the usual here in this instance. Here, its a representation of roughly how much of the game is at the very least touched up on. The goal is to get to 1.0. Once I do, I will still continually update it to bring new content and further polish the mod. 

if you want to play seamless coop with this mod just install mod loader and put the .ini files into the mod folder created by mod loader (need mod engine 2 v3)