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Isabela's hair & some piercings for all inquisitor types (HF, HM, EF, EM, QF, QM, DF, DM.) Also piercing options for Hawke. Hair replaces hair 052 on humans elves and dwarves, and the bun on qunari. For frosty.

Permissions and credits
Isabela hair and Piercings for All

This mod makes Isabela's hair and some piercings available for all inquisitor types (human female inquisitor, human male inquisitor, elf female inquisitor, elf male inquisitor, qunari female inquisitor, qunari male inquisitor, dwarf female inquisitor, and dwarf male inquisitor.)  It now also has some piercing options for Hawke, as well.

The hair replaces hair 052 on elves, dwarves and humans, and hair 121 on qunari. 

The inquisitor's piercings (Isabela piercings, the tikka set, and the gold earring set) edit two helmets, to prevent a bug - the divine helmet and the human female Venatori helmet. Don't worry if you love the original divine helmet like I do, because it will look the same as original when equipped! If confused, please see helmet explanation below.

Hawke's piercings replace some multiplayer qunari female saarebas outfit, the character who wears that outfit normally doesn't appear in the singleplayer campaign so it shouldn't cause any weirdness in singleplayer. There are multiple copies of this exact same outfit, just in different colours, so if you have a mod to equip this on the qunari female inquisitor, you should still be able to wear this outfit on them, just not the copy I edited. 

The different piercing sets should also show on all outfits in all cutscenes.

All files require ultra mesh quality settings under options > graphics!

Helmet Explanation
Why do the piercings and tikka set edit 2 helmets? 

There is a bug the mod maker has where if you import a model with thin, and intricate little details (like piercings) over a helmet, the model will go lumpy. I wanted to avoid this bug, so I replaced one of the only helmets that does not have this bug, the divine helmet.

But, I love the original look of the divine helmet, and still wanted to have that in-game. I knew that the lumpy bug only affects models with little details, so, if I imported the original, unmodded look of the divine helmet over another helmet (e.g the human female Venatori helmet), it would not turn lumpy, because the divine helmet has thicker edges and less little details.

So that is what I did. And if you are wondering, if you can edit the Venatori helmet, why not just import the piercings over that directly, instead of editing both helmets? Because since the piercings are smaller models, it would have made them lumpy if I did that. So I didn't do that.

The free multiplayer DLC "dragonslayer."
Frosty mod manager or above.
If using the qunari versions, some extracting or unzipping program to extract the .RAR files with, since those have multiple files inside so need to be extracted to get all files out first (e.g 7-zip.)
If using the qunari versions, and you don't feel like using the optional texture swap file included with it (which makes hair strands look nicer), you could instead use my hair texture slider mod, as an alternative to that. This is optional though, I just recommend using one of those two options on qunari for best results.

Piercings, gold earrings, and tikka set:
The paid DLC "trespasser."
Frosty mod manager 1.0.6 or above, download here.
Some extracting or unzipping program to extract the .RAR files with, since those have multiple files inside so need to be extracted to get all files out first (e.g 7-zip.)

Is this DLC Compatible?
Yes. :)

Will conflict with any other mod that edits bundles. It should be compatible with character generation bundles if you load this below them on your mod list, however there's no need to use this mod with any such bundles since it adds the character generation bundle to all areas anyway. 

You cannot have the different race and gender conversions of this mod installed at the same time because it edits the same exact hair and so the hairs will override each other and may be at a different height than what you expected. Thus, only install one version of this mod at a time. 

If you use the qunari hair texture swap from the QF or QM files, those will conflict with mods that edit hair_wavy_thick_d_morphbp and hair_wavy_thick_n_morphbp.

Red Bandana Addon for Hair
Will conflict with other mods that edit the default colouring and texture of Isabela's bandana. The red addon can be used at the same time as the hair (of course), but just don't use the red addon with other retextures of Isabela's bandana, please. :P

Inquisitor's Piercings, Gold Earrings, and Tikka Set
Will conflict with anything that edits the human female Venatori helmet, and the divine helmet model and textures from trespasser.

For the inquisitor, you cannot have the tikka set, the Isabela piercings (either version) and the gold earring set installed all at the same time, they edit the same files. You also can't have the different race and gender conversions of the piercings/earrings/tikka set installed at once as they will override each other. Be sure also not to install both the horned and hornless variants of the qunari versions of the tikka set at the same time - if you're playing as qunari, pick either the horned or hornless variant, not both. 

Mods Of Interest

colorbled has made a retexture for the bandana in my Isabela hair mod in the optional files of this page! 
it should work on all the different gender and race versions of my mod, just be sure load it below my mod for expected results (right click on colorbled's mod in your applied mods list then use the arrow buttons at the top of the frosty interface to position it below mine.) 
don't use it at same time as the red bandana addon, though!
femshepping has made a retexture for the Isabela piercings over here! for all different gender and race versions of the mod, just again make sure you load it below my original mod for it to work properly!

apomorph for advice on how to get the hair to show in CC and providing project to make piercings and tikka show everywhere, thankyou!
kingslayvr for testing the mod and supplying the preview pictures (the human female previews for the hair are all taken by them, with their inquisitor Melisandre)
Jelly and Cluckie and kingslayvr again for supplying saves of their human inquisitors for me to test with
sapphim for this post on their tumblr that made me learn how to find the exact superbundles
KNY discord for helping :3
hongmunmu for this tutorial on hair bundle editing
Kittentails and Aileani for bandana help, Kittentails also for custom hair texture help
ObsidianDawn for bokeh brush used on some previews 
ViktoriaLanders for the Hawke labret piercing idea, testing said idea, and supplying picture of female Hawke for said piercing

If you enjoy my mods, and would like to support me, you are welcome to donate to me on my stripe over here. Please note that this is entirely optional, I do not charge people money to use my mods, all my mods are free to download and use. Thank you! c: