Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Isabela's hair for HF, EF, EM, QF, DF. Replaces hair 052 on humans elves and dwarves, and the bun on qunari. For frosty.

Permissions and credits
Isabela hair for HF, EF, QF, DF

This mod makes Isabela's hair available for human female inquisitor, elf female inquisitor, elf male inquisitor, qunari female inquisitor, and dwarf female inquisitor. It replaces hair hf 052 on humans, dwarves and elves, and the bun (hair 114) on qunari female. 

There is also a hair retexture by Skaramoosh in the optional files, converted by me but originally and mainly by Skaramoosh. 

Download it with the newest frosty mod manager, otherwise it won't work.

Mesh edits
Coming soon - I plan to make shorter versions of the hair and curlier versions.


Will conflict with any other mod that edits bundles. It should be compatible with character generation bundles if you load this below them on your mod list, however there's no need to use this mod with any such bundles since it adds the character generation bundle to all areas anyway. If you use the hair retexture  from the optional files, it will conflict with any mods that edit hair_wavy_thick_d, hair_wavy_thick_n, hair_straight_thick_d, and hair_straight_thick_n. 

You cannot have the different race and gender conversions of this mod installed at the same time because it edits the same exact hair and so the hairs will override each other and may be at a different height than what you expected. Thus, only install one version of this mod at a time. 

If you use the qunari hair texture swap from the QF files, that will conflict with mods that edit hair_wavy_thick_d_morphbp and hair_wavy_thick_n_morphbp.

Skaramoosh (account deleted) for creating the hair retexture in the optional files, and making their work a modders resource. All I did was convert the hair retextures they made to frosty for better compatibility. 
kingslayvr for testing the mod and supplying the preview pictures (the human previews are all taken by them, with their inquisitor Melisandre)
Jelly and Cluckie and kingslayvr again for supplying saves of their human inquisitors for me to test with
sapphim for this post on their tumblr that made me learn how to find the exact superbundles
KNY discord for helping :3
hongmunmu for this tutorial on hair bundle editing
Kittentails and Aileani for bandana help, Kittentails also for custom hair texture help
apomorph for advice on how to get the hair to show in CC 

(pls feel free to message if I forgot a credit!)

Dlc compatibility 
The human and qunari version showed up in the first cutscenes of all the DLCs I went to (jaws of hakkon, the descent, trespasser), but I didn't test beyond the first cutscenes of the dlc so tell me if you have any problems. The ef version and df version have not been extensively tested so I'm unaware of dlc compatibility and such. 

Pretty sure this requires the (free) multiplayer dragonslayer dlc, as that is apparently where Isabela is added. I tested with just the base game and the dragonslayer dlc, and it did show up, but if you do have only the base game and the dragonslayer dlc and it doesn't show up, please tell me because I actually have all the dlc, I just moved all the dlc folders to my desktop to see if it it could work with base game, there might have been folders I missed in testing, so... Don't hesitate to tell me if you're having problems. Thank you ^^ 

The EF and QF versions will not look good on inquisitors with small or low down ears - if the hair looks odd on your inquisitor, increase their ear height and size accordingly. 

The EM version looks best on inquisitors with more protruding, wider foreheads, since otherwise the bandana sticks out quite a bit from the side (I had to make bandana kind of large to accommdate for larger foreheads.) 

The dwarf female version can clip through the ears in combat and during some animations, as well as some hair strands through each other. It doesn't do this all the time, though, just with certain animations.

The qunari female hair texture swap will use the wrong texture in the CC and BE if you use the hair texture swap provided on this page, but the correct texture outside those areas. It will also affect all other inquisitor hairs that use the same texture. If you would like to avoid these issues with the QF texture you can use a hair texture slider mod instead of the texture swap provided on this page. QF have that problem because they use a different hair texture to the one that this hair was designed for.

Notes on conversions
For the QF conversion, you must install all the files included in the RARs for them to look right. You need to download both the bundle edit and the mesh edit of the hair otherwise it will not fit your inquisitor's head properly or show up on them. The hair may differ slightly from race to race because of the conversion process, and there might be a few dark spots near the back.

The QF version is for both horned and hornless qunari, but the horns will obviously clip through the bandana - you can pretend they cut holes into it or something, but, it will probably look better with certain horns than others.