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New male presets to choose from in character creation.

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Zimpra's Male Presets for CC

I made this as a companion to my female presets mod. Making a good looking male hawke feels near impossible with the default presets so here is a few more options. Note that a lot of the beards clip through these presets so if you want your character to have a magnificent beard these presets might not be for you. The face complexions included and used for the presets are a blend of Ellise's textures from her unique face textures for companions mod.


Unzip MPresets.erf to your override folder then add the following lines under heads/human_male in your chargenmorph:

<resource name="rhys.mop" />
<resource name="cicero.mop" />
<resource name="gabriel.mop" />
<resource name="marcus.mop" />
<resource name="damien.mop" />
<resource name="nathaniel.mop" />

If you want to use the face textures included for your own morphs then add the following to skins in your chargenmorph:

<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm1_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm1s_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm2_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm2s_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm3_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm3s_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm4_0d"/>
<resource name="yskins\mt_hed_yskinm4s_0d"/>


You need the following mods for the presets to look like in  the screenshots:

KS Hairs by Anshela

Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors for DA2

Natural Hair
At First Sight by zombiezer0
Eye Tints by Fialka


Thanks to Ellise who's skin textures I blended to create the ones included in this mod.
Also big thanks to marquiseondore and sarchiapozzo for their very helpful mop modding tutorials.

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