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A port of a few hairs from KS Hairs for Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Welcome!  Thanks to QuenchedSteel's Blender to DA2 script I have managed to convert a few hairs from my favorite Skyrim hair mod, KS Hairdos Renewal, and I thought that I would share, since they were kind enough to grant me permission. 


Update 9-4-2018:

Just a heads-up that vaelsmod has been doing some new uploads/new hairs, and will (I believe) be updating with new ones now and then.  Hurray, thank you, vaels!

Updates 1-8-2018:

Another update with hairs totally not done by me, haha.  This update has a big haul of new hairs ported by both vaelsmod and Zimpra.  Vael and Zimpra both converted more of the KS hairs and kindly let me upload them to this mod, so I want to give one tremendous thank you to the two of them.

File update includes hairs for both FemHawke and MaleHawke, should be working in Direct X 9 and 11, and includes an updated chargenmorph.  I also put a file in the zip with the individual hair port credits for Vael and Zimpra.  Hopefully I've got all the bugs hammered out, but my own personal chargenmorph is such a mess right now, it's sometimes hard for me to do testing.  So let me know if any issues come up.

I don't have pictures of all of the new hairs up yet, but seriously -- it's a ton.  Hope you all enjoy!

Updates 10-12-17:

Guess what, guys!

The absolutely fantastic vaelsmod converted a bunch of the KS hairs and was generous enough to allow me to add them to this mod.  So this is a huge update!  There are a ton of new hairs, including a couple more for elf female, and a few for Male Hawke as well!  An updated chargenmorph file is included, but if you just want to add the hairs manually, the new hairs have been added to the list in the installation instructions.  (Starting with "mhysa.")

I put the elf female hairs into a separate file in case you just want to use those (either for an elf girl in game, or a playable elves mod).  That one doesn't include a chargenmorph, so just add those lines manually.

Please give huge kudos and thanks to vaelsmod for the tremendous amount of work he put into this.  I hope you all enjoy the new hairs as much as I do!

Older Updates:

Update 1-9.  Added two new hairs.  One of these is one I'd been messing around with for a while, and couldn't get quite perfect.  The other one is a request I got a waaaaaaaaaaaaay long time ago (so sorry it's taken so long!) and finally got around to.  Originally I was planning on doing more ... but all my ambition left me.  So for the moment, just these two new ones.

The zip contains the new chargenmorph file, but if you just want to edit the chargenmorph yourself, the two lines to add are:

        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_cancia" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_blitz" cut="1" />

For the .erf, you can just swap the old one with the new one and it should work fine.

Update 12-12.  Merrill files are ready to go!  Per request, I uploaded a couple of hairstyles for Merrill in the optional files.  I also added some of my blender files as an optional resource in case anyone happens to want them.  :)

Update 12-10.  It's here!  The updated version that works in both DX11 and DX9 is finally ready.  :)  Once again thanks to QuenchedSteel for all that work on the Blender export script.  All hairs should now be working regardless of what version of DirectX you're using. 

If you're updating from the DX9 version, all you should have to do is swap out the new file for the old one.  If you're updating from the DX11 version to this one, be sure to use the chargenmorph file/compiler to add the rest of the hairs that weren't originally available.  (In both cases, be sure to remove the old .erf file from your override.)

There should no longer be any bald heads or hair explosions -- so let me know if there are, and I'll try to figure out what the problem is.

Other updates include:

-- I tweaked a few of the hairstyles to make them fit better on the head.  I also tried to adjust some of the clipping on wider faces.  You're still going to see some of that, but it shouldn't be as bad, hopefully!  (Older versions of the files are still available in the downloads if you happen to want the original versions.)
-- Fixed (hopefully) an issue with Lilac Fog having phantom wisps of hair down your back.  I didn't even realize this was a problem until tonight, so, uh, sorry about that one, guys.
-- Converted all textures from .tga to .dds.  TGA files don't seem to work at all in DX11, and hey, the .DDS files are smaller, so win/win?  One side effect of this is that the texture for Angelic is a bit see-through in certain lights; I have an alternate texture that's rougher (the one I was originally using in the DX11 version) -- so if that really bothers people, I can switch it out. 

What's next:

Planning to get around to working some of the hair files for Merrill, as I keep promising!  :)


Place "KS Hairs For DA2 2.0.erf" in your override file, along with the chargenmorphcfg.xml.  I recommend using TerraEx's CharGenMorph Compiler if you're using multiple mods.  Alternately, if you want to simply edit your chargenmorph file yourself, add these lines under the human female hairs:

        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_angelic" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_chignon" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky201" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky245" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_synthesis" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_oldschool" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_papaya" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky188" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_soledad" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_onlyyou" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sunsetglow" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_firefly" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_starlet" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_lavender" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_arterton" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_lilacfog" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_redrobin" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_clover" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sweetslumber" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_cancia" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_blitz" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_mhysa" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_genesis" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_foamsummer" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_shieldmaiden" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky195" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_summerhaze" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_titanium" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_vapor" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_gravitation" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_flyingdance" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_nightwish" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_thornbirds" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_blackbullet" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_borntodie" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_paradox" cut="1"/>
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_chihuahua" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_bluebird" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_borntodiepb" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_cambrian" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_desperate" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_disco" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_dreamglory" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_fingertips" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_infinity" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_ivory" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_luna" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_matcha" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_passenger" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky124" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky208" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_cassy" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky097" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sky243" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_dracarys" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_adonis" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_bfly139" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_bfly160" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_confetti" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_evergreen" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_galaxy" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_musical" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sakura" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sister" cut="1"/>
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanfemale\hf_har_sparks" cut="1"/>

Add these lines under the human male hairs:

      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_maine" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_equanimity" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_chainreaction" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_eclipse" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_gloom" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_hysteria" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_zac" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_cloud" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_likelust" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_macho" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_obscura" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_benjamin" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_haunting" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_faux" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_passion" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_persona" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_blackbullet" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_glare" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_roy" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_shieldmaiden" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_sister" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_titanium" cut="1" />
      <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\humanmale\hm_har_wishingtree" cut="1" />

If you're using the Elf Female hairs, add these lines:

        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elffemale\hf_har_synthesis" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elffemale\hf_har_papaya" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elffemale\hf_har_foamsummer" cut="1" />
        <resource name="art\characters\playercharacter\elffemale\hf_har_sunsetglow" cut="1" />

Notes and Known Issues

-- There may be some minor clipping in the sides of the faces with wider-faced Hawkes/presets.
-- Yeah, I know not all of these are exactly lore-friendly.
-- Hairs that fall down the back will definitely clip through thicker armor; they'll work fine with armors that are closer to Hawke's body.
-- These hairs use their own textures, so they may look a little strange with custom tints.
-- Biggest issue I've come across:  during cutscenes, bits of hair that are thin or translucent/transparent may become blurry.  As far as I can tell (and after a great deal of angsting trying to figure it out), this is something to do with the game itself; you won't notice it much in vanilla hairs because most of them are solid, but you'll see it here and there on the ends.  In some cases, I tried to cut down on the number of wispy bits a hair has, or thicken the texture to make it less of an issue.  But if this is something that bothers you a great deal, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much I can do.

Optional Files

The Merrill Files:  Currently two different hairstyles adapted for Merrill and stuck on her head.  Of note:  the first hairstyle, Papaya, was a bit tricky to get to work with her narrow elfy face and ears, so I had to cut out the little wispies in front, and try to position it so it was both near to her head and around her ears; it looks fine to me, but your mileage may vary.

In case you have your own Merrill morph or texture you're using that already uses a .mor file, I included "hairstyle only" options for use with custom Merrills. :)

Since the hairstyles were changed to work with Elf Females, in theory they should work with any elf lady you care to stick them on, but they were specifically tested of Merrill, so results may vary on others.

The hairstyles will work independently of the hair mod, if you happen to just want to mod Merrill.  No need to download the main file!

Blender Files:  Just in case anyone happens to want them, I uploaded a few of my blender files as a resource, because as a modder it helps me to see how other people work and figure things out from there.  (And I always appreciate it when other modders upload their resources.)  These were all saved in blender 2.49b (the version that the export script works with).  Reminder that I am not the author of these meshes; I just ported them in!  They were ported from KS Hairdos, and the original authors are credited below.

Please note, I am BY NO MEANS an expert with Blender, and these files represent a lot of trial and error, so they may be a giant mess to people more experienced with the program. :)

Credits & Tools Used

Again, all I did was port these over.  What went into this mod:

KS Hairdos Renewal (thank you so for much for letting me port these!)
QuenchedSteel's Blender to DA2 Script (and thank you for all of your help and troubleshooting!)
boodrl's video tutorials on converting hair textures for Dragon Age
DA2 Blender Import script
Thanks to Ralyse for helping me test!

Credits From KS Hairdos Renewal / Original Hair Authors:

Ade, Alesso, Anto, Darko, Geisha, HalJakea, KarzaleeKijiko, Lapiz, Leah Lilith, MomoNewSea, S-Club, Sintiklia, Sky, Stealthic, Peggy, Raonjena, Wings, XM and Zauma for the permission to release their hairstyles.
Hellosanta for her textures, which have been used as a resource for these hair textures.

Mods Used in Screenshots

Marian is using Duchells Textures - Skins and Scars on her face.
She's wearing:
Amell Ancestral Arms
Dream of Antiva
Harlequin Armor Recolor
SG Finery Shop

Thanks all!