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New armour for a rogue Hawke

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Armour of the Skilled Archer

Update 26/5 2018
Uploaded a blue version by request.

Update 5/12 2017
I uploaded a new version of the armour. If you downloaded the previous version I recommend that you replace that one with this new version. I fixed an issue with the mesh, reduced the clipping and changed it so that it tints better with darker skintones.

I made this armour for an archer Hawke in mind but it can of course be equipped by any class. If anyone want another colour on the tunic let me know in the comments and I'll make a few recolours. The armour has some clipping issues which I might address in a future update.


Unzip and drop the erf file into your override folder. In game open console and type:

runscript skilled_archer

Or you can download the optional file which makes a rogue hawke start with the armour equipped.


Bioware for creating the Dragon Age Universe
Sunnie for the item delivery script
WebtreatsETC and Jojo_ojoj at deviantart for patterns and textures

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