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Amell Family Armour

Adds a new armour for Hawke that is fully evolving and levels up with your character. I made it for a warrior Hawke in mind but it can be equipped by any class. It's for female Hawke only, equipping it on a male Hawke makes him invisible.

My headcanon is that this is Bethann Amell's armour and that Leandra took it when she left to have something of her mother's to give to her future daughter.

How to get the armour

To drop the armour into Hawke's inventory open the console and type:  runscript giveamell

I've added an optional file that adds the armour to Hubert's store in act 1 for a rather hefty sum of 109 gold. Keep in mind that this file is probably incompatible with any mods that edits stores.

I've also added a warrior champion replacer in optional files. This makes the male version of the warrior champion armour invisible though since the model is female only.


Bioware for creating the Dragon Age Universe and everything in it.
Vaelsmod for porting the armour from Dragon Age Inquisition in the Ferelden Fashion Mod
unnie for the item delivery script
WebtreatsETC, feelingblues and Jojo_ojoj at deviantart for patterns and textures