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Adds KS Hairs to Gamlen, Bethany, Carver, Merrill, Fenris, Anders, Aveline, & Sebastian. Compatible with Ellise’s HR Unique Companion Complexions.

Permissions and credits
This adds KS Hairs to Hawke's companions while using Ellise's face textures. I made a combined file as I love the HR details of Ellise's companion morphs but yet wanted to update our beloved friends’ hairdos with lore-friendly styles.

If you like this mod, be sure to check out my KS Hairs for Elven NPCs! Also, Kirkwall Barber Shop - KS Hairs for NPCs & KS Hairs Addon for A Farewell to Clones by anshela will add KS Hairs to human NPCs & clones, respectively.

KS Hairs Main File & Elven Edition (Elven Edition is *required* for Fenris & Merrill)
Ellise's Unique Face Textures for Companions
(Each file will have specific download instructions. Make sure to read the description section carefully.)

1. Make sure you have the two required files from above^ in your override already. Once you have unzipped my mod, drag & drop the ENTIRE FOLDER (zz_companionsELL4k & KSHair) into override. 

2. In the "zz_companionsELL4k & KSHair" mod folder, you will notice a collection of morphs. Delete the ones you do not desire.

3. *Please note*: that I have set Fenris' default hair morph as Faux. Should you wish to use another hair file for him instead of Faux, just delete his primary morph file (em_fenris.mor) & rename the desired file accordingly (i.e. em_fenrisDJINN.mor to em_fenris.mor if you want him to use Djinn). I had a good idea of what I wanted the other companion's look & feel to be. But with Fenris it was a bit harder & therefore, I have multiple files as a result of experimentation.

4. Additional hair files for Default Family, Aveline, Sebastian, Anders, Fenris, & Merrill available in optional downloads. Drag & drop into main folder. Click overwrite when prompted.

Compatibility: Incompatible with any other morphs for the companion file(s) you have chosen.

Mods shown:
KS Hairs for DA2
Ellise's Unique Face Textures for Companions
Softer Hair and Beard
Sebastian HQ Armor
HR Fenris Armor
HD Merrill Armor Hand Fix
HD Anders Armour
Original Brown Merrill (HD)
Soldier's Fortune and Apostate's Pledge
Ferelden Fashion
Solas Clothing for Fenris
Fenris HR Lyrium Ghost and Blue Wraith Armor
Fenris Blue Wraith Appearance - HR Face Texture
Rebel Threads - W3 Avallac'h Robes for Anders
Anders- 50 Shades of Mage
Ethereal Eyes & Better Brows (Shown on Golden Anders ver.)

KS Hairs by Anshela, Dunmr, and Zimpra & Ellise's Unique Face Textures for Companions. Original Brown Merrill (HD) by Hawkethority for the DAO Merrill skin tone adaptation. Anders- 50 Shades of Mage by elvici for the Golden Anders - Act 1 morph. Without your mods, Thedas would indeed be a much more boring place. Thank you for sharing your work and gracing Dragon Age 2.

 Additional Credits:
 KS Hairdos - Renewal
Ade, Alesso, Anto, Darko, Geisha, Jakea, Kijiko, Lapiz, Leah Lilith, Momo, NewSea, S-Club, Sintiklia, Sky, Stealthic, Peggy, Raonjena, Wings, XM and Zauma, and Hellosanta for the original mod work on the Skyrim Nexus community.