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play as an elf hawke

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Playable Elfs Beta v3


Hello, and welcome to the Playable Elfs Beta! This mod will allow you to play your Hawke - and their siblings, and mother, and Gamlen - as elves. Includes such new and wonderful things as

  • A working character creator (so you can choose eyes and nose shapes and really fully customize your face)
  • Families for each preset (so you're not a bunch of elves with human heads)
  • updated family GDA files so you should end up with the (right family instead of the same family each time).
  • New hairs so you have a few more options (bc there's only like, 8 vanilla elf hairs RIP)
  • Resized meshes of a few important armors so your Hawke isn't invisible or left out (bc a head bouncing around everywhere would freak me the h*ck out)
  • Unique outfits for your mom so she can be special (because she is ur mom)
  • Item Pk 1 meshes are now included! You only need this if you own any of the Item Pack 1 DLC (Mage, Rogue or Warrior). (Otherwise disregard this because you don't need that download)

Character creation and original idea by sapphim; vaelsmod did the meshes, family faces and made sure the gda and utc files were looking right. If you want certain family members to be human, delete their folder out of the "Family Files" folder before starting a new game.

Both Leandra and Carver will have some slightly unique touches. Due to mesh issues/weighting explosions with his original body, MHawke/Male Mage Hawke will have unique MotA and house gear. Both Leandra and Carver will have some slightly unique touches. Carver's Warden and starting gear will be from DAI, while Leandra will have unique peasant and noble sets.

TO INSTALL + Required Mods

Unpack both Playable Elfs files into packages/core/override. Remove any other chargen file you have, and replace it with the one included. If you get the character creator open and find you can't move most of the sliders, it's because you likely have an extra chargenmorph file in your override. Remove any duplicates.

For optimal use, you should use this for a new game only. It'll work if you're starting in the middle for your siblings, but your mother and Gamlen will have mismatched bodies and heads that are way too large and detatched from the body. Likewise, if you're uninstalling this mod, be aware that while Bethany and Carver might switch back to a fully human body (due to using either their own unique meshes for starting gear, or generic body meshes for templar/warden/mage), Leandra and Gamlen will not.

The DFA - Armors for All file is required in order to not have some invisible bodies. If you do not install this mod, you will have some invisibility issues (champion Warrior Hawke, and starters for warrior, f!mage and rogue hawkes). You don't need the main file, just the optional 'Armors for All' file, but it's really up to you on if you want equippable companions.


Jacknifelee - The brown dress texture from her downright exquisite That Dress mod was used to give Leandra a unique noble gown.
Skaramoosh - Several of the unique elf hairs came from Skaramoosh's SK Hair Pack; the Thranduil Pajama mesh and retexture as well as the two long hairstyles from that mod; and the Inquisition Halamshiral fancy dresswear retexture for MotA.
honestRope - Skin and Hairtones are used from this mod. If you already have Natural Skin and Natural Hair, you can discard the included .erfs.
Ellise - Face textures for your family+your CC came from her Unique Complexions mod.
magpiedragon - for looking over this post so it looks presentable, as a mod.
Anshela - several hairs female elf hairs were ported in KS Hairdos

All files included were packed with the mod authors' permissions. Also... maybe drop in and dl+endorse+give them some kudos, since all of these authors' work is incredible.

Permissions, To-Do List & Misc Notes

Permissions - the meshes that I (vaelsmod) resized are absolutely free to use provided you follow the original authors' instructions (re: giving them credit and linking to their mods as they've noted). You're also free to make newer, more attractive/better family member faces because that's not really a priority for me with this.

This mod is, as it stands, a beta. That means it is a work in progress, and there are still expected to be some flaws (mainly on my end!). All future changes and updates will be noted in the changelog rather than on this post to prevent them from cluttering everything up.

Some future updates I hope to include are

  • More mesh resizes, specifically from the item packs so your elf Hawke can wear them
  • Fixing some issues I noticed with the hair meshes (one of the EF hairs didn't tuck properly behind the ears)
  • fix any noticeable glaring issues that are pointed out by others