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Dressed in a stunning red
Your head upon my chest
The pain inside means nothing


sloane | they/them pronouns pls and don't be rude about it




anything i personally ported as in vanilla assets is free to re-use without asking, provided you're not doing something you know i wouldn't like - if you aren't sure, just pm me and ask.


if a mod is hidden and you want to use it/dl it, message me and ask for it, do not post comments on other mods of mine.


anything i make myself by hand is also free to re-use without asking. you must credit me for the creation of it, obviously. but you can port them to any game you like if it was something i made from scratch. the same terms as the above apply, however.


lastly - if you notice your mod is being used in my screenshots and wish to upload them to your mod page, feel free, please tell me if you do however :smile: I would like to see. I don't always submit my images because I feel self conscious, but if you like what I take, you can.


i love eating chips, purchasing bath products so i smell nice, paying my bills on time and paying for my meds so i can deal with my disabilities. if you like what i do and wanna see me do more of it and are in the position, consider shooting me some ko-fis