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New robe options for dalish mage origin mods.

Permissions and credits
This swaps out the starting outfit from Dalish Mage- Origin and the dalish origin in Non Circle Mage Origins  with various modded in robes. I have tested it with both these origin mods and it should work with both.

Your starting weapon will still be a bow, so to not break the cutscene, but there will be a staff in your inventory.
All the clothing is relatively close to the magi starting origin equipment (Apprentice Robes, Acolyte Staff) in stats for balance. I won't be editing the stats in this mod since it's just for aesthetics really.

Clothing Options and required mods:

Loincloth Fashion Keeper Robe- for male elves only, although if you download my Keeper and Merrill outfit fixes there's a set of files that will add the Merrill outfit as the female version.

Kirkwall Exports Merrill Robe - for female elves only

Bonny Boutique Keeper Robe - for female elves only

Inquisition Mage Armour- for both male and female.

Dalish Keeper Robes - for both male and female.

Dalish Chitin Armour - for both male and female.

Tevinter Mage Robe(no requirement) - for both male and female. The default 'enchanter' mage robe from the game, same as vanilla Marethari. Or whatever replacer of that you have installed.

How to Install
Make sure you have the required mod for the clothing you want installed in your override.

Unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder. This folder is named so it will go behind the non-circle mage files alphabetically so don't rename it.
Go into the clothing UTI folder. Delete the options you don't want.
The new outfit will show up in the character creation screen. If you have a floating head for both sexes the outfit mod hasn't been installed properly, or has a uti conflict.