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This AddIn unlocks the Dalish Origin for elf mages.

Permissions and credits
Version 2.1 - Reduced possible conflict with other mods and ensured it plays nicely with The Awakening. Also changed the default clothing to a dalish equivalent of a Mage's Robe. You no longer have to remove it after the Origin is complete, well you still can ofcourse but it isn't a necessity.


Version 2 - Tweaked the starting equipment to make sure you have a staff aswell as switching the apprentice robe with a chasind robe. Also made sure you have a bow as to not mess up the initial into cutscene.


This AddIn unlocks the Dalish Origin for elf mages. Apart from a few inconsistancies (see below) there aren't any gamebreaking problems.

Even though there aren't any game breaking problems there are a few mixups with regards to the dialogue. Mostly around the Broken Circle quest but a few other, minor places aswell. The general mixup is that the dialogue indicates you grew up in the Circle Tower (e.g. the Magi Origin). It seems that those things assume a mage (by class) will have always come from the Circle Tower origin, instead of checking for the actual Magi Origin.

All of the Nature of the Beast (and other minor) dialogue work properly with regards to being Dalish or not.


Install with DAUpdater or other tools like DAModder.

As of version 2.1 it is only incompatible with mods that alter or override the second row in the backgrounds.gda file (it's the one for the dalish background).

Future Plans

I am working towards a version that makes the origin a bit more mage-friendly (only if you play it as one ofcourse). Overall I'd say it is about 70% done but the voices are going rather slow, maybe 40-45%. I really want to give any new dialogue voiceovers (which are basically mixed up lines from existing dialogue) cause there is nothing more annoying than suddenly having a silent line right in the middle of a conversation.