Dragon Age: Origins

About this mod

Updates all elves in Origins, Awakening and DLC to the DA2 style. Requires Elf Update by TMP7704.

Permissions and credits
Ferelden Elves 

Updated DA2 style elves for Origins, Awakening, and all DLC! Ferelden Elves was made for those of you using the awesome Elf Update by TMP7704, and requires Elf Update to function.

WARNING: Installing Elf Update  can change the appearance of your existing elf PC in unpredictable ways. (If you don't know how to change your PC face in the middle of a playthrough, then you might not want to install Elf Update + Ferelden Elves until you are on a new playthrough.)

Ferelden Elves attempts to give elves a unique look to separate them from humans and to provide more visual continuity between DAO and DA2. This mod also makes a few immersions fixes. This includes:

1. Adding unique faces for several characters that shared the same faces in the default game. (Such as random event “clones”, Dalish hunters sharing tattoo-less face morphs with city elves, or multiple elves sharing the same faces in the Dalish camp.) 
2. Restoration of 2 elven tranquil NPCs that erroneously used human bodies and heads.
3. Removing helms from elven NPCs to keep their ears from clipping through. No other armor changes are made, just helm removal. 

Companions and other character variations are available under the optional downloads. They include the MRH files so you can edit them as you wish in the Toolset.

If you only want morphs for the elves that were not included in Elf Update by TMP7704, they are available as "Ferelden Elves - LIGHT VERSION" under the Old Versions on the download page. 


Elf Update by tmp7704
Tucked Hair by tmp7704
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors by Pineappletree

Recommended Mods

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SJC's Patchy Skin Fix by SammyJC
SJC's Vanilla Face Textures Replacement by SammyJC
Tranquil Brand - by Dracomies from TommyIrianto's Mages of Ferelden. 


Please delete any older versions of Ferelden Elves before installing v2.1.

Nexus Mod Manager Installation

1) Install all of the REQUIRED mods.
2) Use NMM to Install ONE main file
3) Use NMM to install any patches that you require.
4) Run CharGenMorph Compiler if needed.

Manual installation.

Download ONE main file and any patches or optionals you require. Extract the files to:
"…/My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override/".

Order of Installation:
2. Main File
3. Patch Files


If you are installing manually instead of with NMM, then make sure Ferelden Elves goes into the ".../My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override/toolsetexport" folder, to avoid conflicts with any other mods that change elves' or childrens' faces, such as Dragon Age Redesigned. All children, elf and human, have .mor files that start with "kn_" so it would be time-consuming for you to go through and delete the correct ones from another mod. Placing Ferelden Elves into the toolsetexport folder ensures that my morphs take precedence. I only change elves and elf children, so you will keep all the other changes from other mods. 

If you would like to keep any specific elf morphs that you like from other mods, such as Dragon Age Redesigned by Dracomies, DA2 Elves for DAO by MsBarrows, or any other morph mods, simply delete that .mor file from the Ferelden Elves folder.

If you find any other mod conflicts or bugs, let me know and I will release a patch as soon as possible.


Under Miscellanoues files, there are DA2-style elf morphs for other mods that add elven NPCs. If there other mods that add new elves to the game and you would like me to update them to the DA2 style, please tell me about them. I will get in touch with the mod authors and see what I can do.

All of the included skin and eye textures are also available in the toolset. There is a chargenmorph.xml file included with the skins, for use with CharGenMorph Compiler by TerraEx.

If you have any problems, suggestions, or find any bugs or elves that I missed, please let me know. If you have any ideas of how I could make this mod better tell me. Questions and suggestions are very helpful.


Thanks to TMP7704 for Elf Update , without which this mod would be impossible! TMP7704 has some of the best mods available for immersion and continuity, they're a must-have for any playthrough.

The skins included in the custom skins version are altered and scaled down from Aegrus HD Faces for Origins. All credit for the original textures goes to Aegrus. He generously gave permission to others to alter and redistribute them. My textures are not HD like his, they're only 1024x1024. The original textures are HD and high quality, check them out! Thanks Aegrus.

Thanks to SpaceAlex for giving permission to use his .utc files to make an Improved Atmosphere patch.

Thanks to TommyIrianto for giving permission to use his .utc files to make a no helms patch for Grey Wardens of Ferelden.


I've made all of my MRH files available for download under Miscellaneous Files. Feel free to alter and use them however you would like. I don't mind if they are included in mods as long as it stays on the Nexus. I spent a lot of time making the Awakening and DLC morphs from scratch (Bioware did not release source files for them), so if you use those files in a mod, please credit me for the original files.

Thanks for downloading this mod. I hope you enjoy it. :)