Dragon Age: Origins

About this mod

Add Anto hairstyles in your character creation.

Permissions and credits
- These hairstyles are Anto's creation.
- You can found all of his creations at http://www.coolsims.net/
- I already have Anto's permission.
- I'm just convert his work to Dragon age format.

I use Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors.

Thank Anto for beautiful hairstyles.
Sorry for my english.

Installation :
- Extract this zip file.
- Copy Anto Hairstyle folder to your override folder.
My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override
- Run CharGenMorph Compiler.
Found here

Uninstallation :
- Delete Anto Hairstyle folder in your override folder.

Available hairstyles :
6 for male human, 36 for female human, 6 for male dwarfs, 31 for female dwarfs, 12 for male elves and 35 for female elves.

hair28 : hf, df, ef
hair29 : hf, df, ef
hair33 : hm, hf, dm, df, em, ef
hair34 : hf, df, em, ef
hair35 : hf, df, ef
hair36 : hf, df, ef
hair37 : hf, df, ef
hair38 : hm, dm, em
hair39 : hm, hf, dm, df, em, ef
hair40 : hf, df, em, ef
hair41 : hf, em
hair42 : hf, df, ef
hair43 : hf, df, ef
hair45 : hf, df, ef
hair46 : hf, df, ef
hair48 : hf, ef
hair49 : hf, df, ef
hair50 : hf, ef
hair53 : hf, df, ef
hair54 : hf, df, ef
hair59 : hf, df, em, ef
hair60 : hf, df, ef
hair65 : hf, df, ef
hair68 : hf, df, ef
hair70 : hm, hf, dm, df, em, ef
hair74 : hf, em, ef
hair75 : hm, dm, em
hair77 : hf, df, ef
hair78 : hf, ef
hair79 : hf, df, ef
hair81 : hf, df, ef
hair82 : hf, df, ef
hair88 : hf, df, ef
hair89 : hm, hf, dm, df, em, ef
hair91 : hf, df, ef
hair92 : hf, df, ef
hair93 : hf, df, ef
hair95 : hf, df, em, ef

Update 1.2.3 :
- add hair91 for df and ef. (Anto Hairstyle 2)

Special Thanks :
Hair Color
Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors by Pineappletree

Ferelden Models - Unique Character Faces and Presets by mochen

Face Texture
Face And Eye Textures by fmorgana

Credits :
Anto's hairstyles.


Vorna's blog

Boodrl : Additional Hairs for DA